How to Mute Teams Notifications

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How to Mute Teams Notifications

From removing your notifications completely to turning off certain notifications This guide will help you navigate through the entire process.

Microsoft Teams is is a powerful tool for collaboration. Companies around the world use this application to facilitate collaboration, regardless of whether employees work remotely, in different offices, or within one office.

It is possible to stay in the loop by using Microsoft Teams. However, sometimes the constant messages can be somewhat distracting when trying to focus on your work. While it’s important to keep up-to-date, they’re equally important to concentrate on your work.

From chat notifications, channels teams, @mentions, chat meetings, likes, replies and more. It can become too to handle. The solution? The solution is to turn off your notifications from Teams either permanently or temporarily it’s your choice. The best part is, Microsoft Teams offers control over all aspects of your notifications.

Make use of DND to disable completely the Team Notifications of all teams.

This is definitely the fastest method to temporarily disable the notifications of your Teams. Status isn’t just an indicator for other users using Microsoft Teams. It’s also for your own benefit. Setting your status to Do Not Disturb will silence notifications for all messages, except for important messages, or notification from top contacts.

To change your status, start the desktop application and navigate to the ‘Profile ‘ icon in the title Bar.

Click on the current status beside the profile image.

A drop-down menu will appear. Choose ‘Do not disturb in the menu.

You can also enter the command /dnd within your Command Bar and hit the Enter key to alter your status all at once. Any notifications that you do not receive when in DND will show up within the Activity Feed.

To set someone as an important contact, so that you will receive updates from them, even during DND you need to click on the profile icon, then go to Settings.

Go to Privacy in the menu navigation to the left.

Then, select the ‘Manage Priority Access’ option.

Enter the names of the individuals you wish to grant the priority to. You’ll now receive notifications about calls, chats and @mentions from the contacts you have added to your desktop all through DND.

Managing Notifications in Teams

DND is a great option to use when you need to turn off notifications but what happens in the long term? We don’t want unimportant notifications that come to us, but we do not want to miss the crucial ones.

Sometimes, we’d like to be notified, and so we’re aware, but do not want them to be distracting us. In this way we don’t need the task of opening Teams to see the details of what we missed, which is the situation with DND. However, we are able to look them up whenever we want. Teams is here to help. With plenty of options to choose the best way to handle your notifications, you’ll be able to manage your tasks as a professional.

Silence Sound for All Notifications

To manage your Team notifications by yourself, click on your profile icon and choose “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

After that, select “Notifications” from the menu navigation on the left.

In Teams In Teams, you have two options to prevent distractions from your notifications. You can first disable the sound for all notifications to ensure that your focus doesn’t get ruined. The second option is to turn off previews to prevent them from interfering with your focus. You can also disable the previews for total silence and get laser-like focus.

To stop notification sounds to stop sound notifications, switch off the switch for “Play sound for notifications and calls’.

To stop previews, switch off the switch for the ‘Show message preview’.

When you turn these settings on the Teams notification, it won’t sound any sound or display the contents that the notifications contain. When you have these two settings on banners will be displayed on your desktop, however they’ll be as quiet as cats.

Mute Select Notifications

You can also disable specific notifications from Teams. Think about the situation where you don’t wish to receive any notifications regarding messages or calls from channels and teams but you want notifications regarding personal chats and meetings to be able to be delivered to you? In these situations, DND is too drastic. Also, removing all notifications won’t cut it either.

Within the notification settings click the tab ‘Teams and Channels’, and select the notifications you would like to be notified of. The default setting is set to ‘All Activity which means that you’ll be notified for each response, message or mention within the channel.

You can choose to switch to ‘Mentions and Replies which will only be notifications for personal mentions and responses to messages you’ve posted. You can also select Custom and choose what specific notifications you’d like to receive.

If you’d like to block notifications from the Team and channels from showing on your desktop, however, you want them to only be displayed in the app, choose “Only show in Feed” instead of the option ‘Banner and Feed’. The option will display your notifications under the tab ‘Activity’ in Microsoft Teams. In the majority of choices, you can also choose the option of turning completely off.

You can also alter notifications for Meetings and Chat as well. Select the Edit button for each, and choose whether you would like to receive notifications via feed, banner or in a different way.

Chat, you can create a separate notification system for replies, @mentions and reactions.

In meetings, you are able to modify the notifications you receive when the meeting starts as well as for chat during meetings.

There are many factors to take into consideration when you are muting your Team notifications. With the wide range of choices available, as every person’s needs are different, Microsoft Teams endeavors to ensure that your experience is as enjoyable as it can be.