How to Mute Microsoft Teams Audio

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How to Mute Microsoft Teams Audio

Tune out from the Microsoft Teams meeting without leaving it.

Have you ever felt you needed to turn off the sound of an Microsoft Teams meeting to tune yourself out when everyone else is discussing topics that aren’t important to you, but aren’t able to quit? There’s no easy method within the Teams application to lower the volume or turn off the audio from the ongoing meeting, however there are a few workarounds you can employ to muffle Microsoft Teams on your Windows 10 PC.

Muting Teams Audio While on Video Call

When you are on a video conference within Teams to turn off the audio from the app is a challenge since you must reduce the volume of the entire system. There aren’t any buttons within Microsoft Teams. There are no buttons in the Microsoft Teams app to mute the sound of the app or reduce the volume.

The solution to this problem is to use the Volume Mixer feature in Windows 10 instead of turning down the volume on the whole system. To muted Teams’ audio using the Volume Mixer, click the volume icon located on the right-hand side of the taskbar in your Windows. In the menu that expands choose “Open Volume Mixer”.

When you open the mixer for volume, the vertical the volume panels of various apps will appear in the pop-up window. Click the speaker icon located at the bottom of the Microsoft Teams volume bar to turn off audio from Teams.

NOTE: You will only see Microsoft Teams’ Volume Bar Microsoft Teams Volume Bar in the Mixer’s Volume Mixer interface if you’re currently on a call with Teams.

Muting Teams Notifications For Ending Interruptions During Calls

It can be very frustrating when you’re engaged in a crucial conversation but the sound of the chat notification constantly interrupts your attention each time someone text in the application.

To eliminate this issue, you need begin by clicking your profile icon in the upper-right part of the Teams homepage. In the drop-down menu, choose ‘Settings’.

Within the Settings window choose “Notifications” from the left side and on the right-hand side menu of notifications, click Edit next to the ‘Meetings’ menu.

When you click on edit the edit button, a new page will appear. In the drop-down menu that is next to the “Meeting Chat Notifications option, choose “Mute” and voila! Now you are free of any interruptions to your chat during your meetings.

Muting Your own Microphone During Calls

It is sometimes advisable to turn off your microphone when you are on the course of a video conference. If you’re in a noisy area and you don’t have to talk or talk, pressing the mute switch on the microphone is a great option. It’s fairly easy to do. Simply click the microphone icon located on the right-hand side on your Teams video screen, and you’re done.

These steps will resolve the audio issues you may encounter when working with Microsoft Teams. Make sure to use Microsoft Teams with the greatest ease starting today.