How to Make a Playlist Private on Spotify

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How to Make a Playlist Private on Spotify

Listen to all of your deepest musical desires without interruption

The majority of us, who are music lovers, prefer secure places to listen to music. These spaces are referred to as playlists. It was an album way back in the past however, in the present digital age, it’s now an album. Mixtapes were private by them. Nobody could lend an arm or listenon them without permission. However, with playlists It’s a different matter.

Playlists form part of the huge human connection, the internet. When something is accessible online there’s no privacy, let alone the right to access. Therefore one of the current major music companies considered this issue and created an option. Spotify’s private playlist feature lets you curate your own playlists and lock the playlists to yourself!

But, it is a feature available in its entirety only available for the Spotify mobile app. Although the feature is not available in different Spotify gadgets, this changes in the mobile app will be available on connected devices too.

Learn how to make your most-loved/favorite playlist private.

Making Playlists Private on Spotify Mobile App

Start Spotify on your smartphone and then tap the ‘Your Library’ icon in the lower right corner. Then, tap the tab ‘Playlists’ at on the right side of your screen. This will narrow down the search. Click to open the playlist you wish to keep private.

Then, tap the ellipsis symbol (three horizontal dots) beneath the information of the playlist.

Select the last option in the menu that follows”Make Private”.

A confirmation prompt appears to your screen. Make sure you confirm your decision to keep your playlist public by pressing the button ‘Make Private’ within the prompt.

The playlist you have chosen has been made private.

If you decide to change your mind and decide to make the private playlist available to the public, just press the same ellipsis icon (three horizontal dots) of the private playlist. Choose the option ‘Make Public’ at the bottom of the menu for the playlist (‘Make Public is replaced by ‘Make Private the moment a playlist is made private).

Your playlist will be private! Only you will be able to access this playlist.

If you create a playlist that is private, the followers are blocked from the playlist. This is true for collaborative playlists too. Collab partners be denied access to a private playlist, making the playlist yours only yours!

We hope you find our guide helpful!