How to Join Google Meet by Phone

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How to Join Google Meet by Phone

Join meetings by dialing in from your smartphone when you are unable to join via Google Meet. Google Meet app.

Google Meet is a great application to hold video-based meetings. If you’re at home or on the road, Google Meet makes it very easy to participate in video-based meetings. Meetings can be attended at any time using your laptop or mobile phone that has an internet connection.

That’s exactly what the majority of video conferencing applications use to do. What happens if you don’t have an internet connection? What is unique about Google Meet unique is that it has a feature to accommodate that. It is possible to dial in Google Meet meetings using a phone number just like a regular phone call. Let’s get into the specifics of the dial-in feature.

What is how does the Google Meet Dial-In Feature work?

Two ways that you can utilize Google Meet Dial-In. Google Meet Dial-In feature to join meetings via phone.

You can join meetings by dialing your phone, and then attend meetings completely through your phone. If you’re attending meetings calling in via using your mobile, features that you can access are very limited or even non-existent. You only be able to access the audio of the meeting and you are able to mute or remove yourself from the meeting. Other features that the majority of participants enjoy, such as video feeds, chat rooms, screen sharing, polling whiteboards, captions, etc. aren’t available to you.

Another option is to make use of your smartphone to join Google Meet meetings. You can utilize your phone to record audio participating in a video conference. Take this as an example: you’re having problems with audio issues on your computer, perhaps your microphone or speaker isn’t workingproperly, or experiencing a break-up because of an insufficient internet connection or a only a limited bandwidth. In any case you’ll be able to join the meeting using your smartphone for only audio, while connecting to your computer to stream video, too. In this scenario you’ll be able to use the other features of Google Meet. Google Meet app that every traditional app user can access.

You can also utilize Google Meet’s Google Meet dial-out feature to make calls and invite other participants in the group. If someone calls for joining the conference, they will contribute to the 250-person limit.

Who can use the Dial-In Feature?

Before we go into the specifics of how to go about making use of this feature, it’s crucial to determine if you’re eligible to use the feature. This feature is only available to Google Workspace accounts.

If you’re a paid Google Meet user, you can’t make use of your phone to call into meetings. The only options you have are the web application or the mobile application on your phone.

Furthermore, the feature needs to be activated to Workspace account by an administrator. If you’re using an account with a Google Workspace account and still cannot locate the option to dial in, contact your administrator.

Additionally, you are able to join meetings initiated by an Google Workspace user.

Using Different Phone Numbers

The majority of Google Workspace Editions include a US number for dialling into meetings as well as an USor Canada phone number to dial from meetings. Making calls to the USor Canada number is free regardless of the Workspace edition. Anyone who is a dial-in country is able to dial this US phone number in order to participate in an event. In the same way, anyone of a dial-out country can dial the USor Canada number to make use of the phone’s audio and video with a meeting or to invite other participants to join the meeting.

Google has also provided international phone numbers in a variety of countries. These international numbers are only available in those versions of Google Workspace versions:

  • Essentials
  • Business Starter
  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Frontline
  • Enterprise Essentials
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Education Fundamentals
  • Education Standard
  • Education Plus
  • Teaching & Learning Upgrade
  • G Suite Basic
  • G Suite Business

To make use of international numbers to dial international numbers, you must have the Meet Global Dialing subscription must be activated for your company. Super-admins of the company can include this subscription in the policy of the company. Meet Global Dialing subscription isn’t an actual subscription. It is not necessary to purchase any subscription or purchase this feature in order to activate it for your company. The company is only paid when calls are made , and not when you enable the subscription.

With a Meet Global Dialing subscription, the company is charged per minute charges for calls based on the data provider you use. Only those who reside in permitted countries are able to use and dial local numbers to these countries.

Here’s an list of call rates per minute for countries that are supported for dial-in and dial-out calls. Dial-In is available for all countries, but charges are applicable for certain supported countries. Global Dialing subscription makes dialing out of meetings possible of 100 countries as well as dialing into meetings for over 80 countries.

Make use of a phone to dial into an event using Google Meet

It is possible to dial either to dial the US telephone number, or local phone number if you have an Global Dialing subscription to dial into meetings using your mobile. Based on the region you are in, Google Meet suggests the most appropriate number for you.

If you use a phone to call into meetings, you are able to access the scheduled meeting 15 minutes prior to when the start time until closes. If you attempt to dial in prior to that you could encounter an error which indicates that Google Meet does not recognize the PIN. If however, someone is already present in the meeting and is able to allow you to enter.

Meetings can be dialed in even if you’re part of an organization that isn’t yours or you have an alternative version or version of Google Workspace than the meeting organizer.

There are two methods to call into the meeting:

  • This is the most efficient method to connect to an unscheduled meeting that aren’t in your calendar or Google Meet app. However, you can dial into scheduled meetings in this manner as well. Based on the information about the meeting that you have received, enter or copy/paste the number of the call into your keypad , then dial it. When the call is connected you can input the PIN number and hit the # key. This method requires you to enter manually the pin.
  • Start your Google Calendar or Google Meet app on your smartphone. After that, tap the event in either app. In the meeting information that appear, tap the number of the meeting. The PIN is automatically entered when you tap the number in order to participate in the conference. This eliminates the hassle to enter the password manually, which makes it quicker. However, you are only able to use it for scheduled meetings since there is no scheduled event for non-scheduled ones.

Muting or Unmuting in Meetings

There’s nothing other you can do during the meeting if you’re participating using your mobile phone, but you are able to mute or unmute yourself. Other people can also mute you during the meeting, however, for reasons of privacy, they are unable to remove you from mute. Only you are able to unmute yourself. Also, you’ll be automatically muted when you attend the group after five participants.

To turn off your phone you can use the keypad *6 on your phone’s keypad, or change the volume on your phone to its lowest setting.

To turn off the mute to turn off the mute feature, hold #6 repeatedly, then raise the volume of your phone.

Use the Phone for Audio in Video Meetings

If you want to use your phone for audio during video conferences you must either dial in to your phone via the computer or use the phone in order to participate.

If you join via the phone to listen in and you’re on muted automatically when you join the meeting when there are already five participants in the gathering or if you had been muted in your personal computer.

Dialing out to your phone

You can make calls to your mobile phone using Google Meet on your computer using any of the dial-out compatible countries. If you dial out to your phone, your computer will automatically join the meeting even if you’re not a participant in the meeting.

To call your phone present in the conference, click on the More options symbol (three-dot menu) from the toolbar for meetings. After that, select the ‘Use your phone to listen’ option.

In the room with the green walls (preview screen) Click the ‘Join ‘ and use an audio device on your phone’ button.

The meeting will be entered through your computer as soon as your phone is connected with the conference. If you’re not within the same space as the organizer of the meeting, you’ll need to be able to let you into the meeting.

Click on the ‘Call Me option in the menu which appears.

Enter your number. It is also possible to look up ‘Remember the phone number of this device’ option to keep the number in the future.

Then, press the ‘Call me’ link.

If you are prompted by your phone when you are prompted, press the ‘1’ key.

Calling in from your phone

You can also call into the meeting using your mobile phone when you join via your computer to view video.

If you’re a member from a different location than the organizer of the meeting or you weren’t invited to the event, you have to join the meeting first , and then the organizer must let you in.

To call in using your mobile phone while you’re in the meeting, simply click the More options icon (three-dot menu) on the toolbar for meetings. After that, select ‘Use a phone to listen’.

In the room with green lights (preview screen) Click the ‘Join’ and make use of a mobile phone as an audio’ button. Choose ‘Dial-in’ from an overlay menu that pops up. The dial-in number will appear on the screen. Call the number using your mobile. After connecting you can input the pin followed by number key.

When you are asked to do so, simply press ‘1’ on your phone.

Disconnecting the Phone

If you’d like to turn off your phone , but remain in the meeting, simply disconnect the call from your phone. The meeting you’re in on your computer will not be affected, but you’ll lose your connection when you disconnect from your phone.

To disconnect the phone and to leave the meeting, select the ‘Leave Meeting’ button in the meeting window in your personal computer.

NOTE: If you close your laptop or the meeting tab, but not going away from the meeting on your device the phone will remain connected. The streaming video will become removed. The call will be the same as if you made a call from the phone. In this scenario you will not have the ability to access any additional features of a meeting apart from the audio of the meeting and the mute/unmute privilege.

Participating in a meeting via Google Meet by phone might not be something you’d even think about in normal circumstances, i.e., when you’re connected to an internet connection, you should consider the limitations that it places on the features that you can access. However, in situations where you cannot join the meeting via the web application or the iOSor Android application is not possible due to the window and you are unable to join the meeting via phone could be a lifesaver.