How to Join a Webex Meeting from a Browser

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How to Join a Webex Meeting from a Browser

It’s not necessary for downloading the desktop application to hold a meeting. The web-based app is equally convenient to use!

Virtual meetings have been keeping the world moving for the last couple of years. There’s no shortage of video-conferencing applications currently. Indeed, the abundance of video conferencing applications has created a new problem.

Everybody seems to use an alternative conferencing application. While the desktop application is generally a good way for connecting, it may not be able to download it each time you need to access an entirely new platform for an event.

If you’re required to participate in the meeting via Webex then you don’t need to download the application. The Webex web application Cisco Webex allows you to make it simple to join meetings through your web browser. It’s also a fantastic alternative for those who are having difficulty getting access to the desktop application.

NOTE: You can only join Webex meetings using the browser on a computer. To join Webex meetings on your mobile device, you’ll need install the Mobile application.

Using the Webex Meetings Web App

You can utilize the Webex Meetings web application to join webinars, meetings, training sessions, and other events and more via your web browser. The functionality that you can access through the web application isn’t as comprehensive as that of the desktop application. However, you get essential functionality in your hands without having to download everything.

You can access Webex Meetings’ web application for these browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Edge
  • Safari
  • Chromium
  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer

If you want to join a meeting using browsers, you can join via the Webex application, or the Webex website or even join without a login.

Participating in a Meeting via the Invitation

If you’ve received the invitation to a meeting or webinar invitation or invitation to a training session via email, you are able to quickly join the event. Click on the email to open the invitation. The invitation to the meeting will include an option to join the meeting and you can click it.

It will take you to the link for the meeting. If you’re using Linux or ChromeOS it will automatically take you to the web application. If you’re using Windows or Mac it will prompt you to launch the desktop application first. Select the ‘Join using your browser’ button at the end of the page to open the web application.

If you’re not logged in to the Webex meeting room You’ll be able to join the meeting space without signing up.

Enter your name and your email address (optional) and captcha and then click ‘Next’. Since you won’t be registered and your name will be the way in which the host of the meeting will identify you. Therefore, make sure you enter your name in the correct way so that they can be able to admit you to the meeting. If you sign up as a guest, i.e. not logging in, you won’t get access to the entire range of meeting options that authenticated users have access to.

If you’d like to log in select the “Sign in” option instead, and then enter your login credentials to access the meeting room. Once you have signed into your account to access your meeting room, you don’t be waiting for a long time in the lobby.

The screen for joining the meeting will appear. The browser will show an authorization prompt which indicates that Webex would like to connect your camera and microphone. Select ‘Allow’ to grant the authorization.

After reviewing the settings for your camera and microphone on the screen that shows your settings Click the Join Meeting’ option.

Depending on the lock-down of the meeting and/or not locked, attendees will be able to go into the lobby of the meeting or directly into the meeting. In the event that you’re inside, the host must admit you.

Joining a meeting with a Meeting Number

If you’ve got the meeting’s number but not the invitation to join via a direct link visit from a compatible browser. After that, click on the ‘Join a Meeting’ button.

Enter the number of the meeting in the textbox, and then click “Continue”.

Enter the password for the meeting at the bottom of this screen.

The meeting will be on the information page. Click Join Meeting for the opportunity to attend.

The screen for entering your details, similar as the one above, will appear. Then, you can join as a guest, or select ‘Sign in’ to log into the meeting room.

Joining Meetings via the Web App

Meetings can also be started or join them via the Webex web app once you have signed into your account. Visit to access the Webex web application.

After that, select the “Sign In” option and then enter your account information to sign in to your account.

If you’re using the old web application experience click on the ‘Start a Meeting option, then click the drop-down arrow right next to it.

Select ‘Use web application From the choices.

Then, select the ‘Start a Meeting option to hold the meeting. The meeting will begin in your room.

To join a different meeting, click on the search bar located at the top. Then, you can look up the meeting by using the name of the host, their personal room ID or room link the meeting’s title or the meeting’s number. If the meeting is in existence it will be listed in the search results under the bar for searching. Click on the Join button.

Enter the password for the meeting you have received with the invitation to the meeting.

If you’ve changed to the latest meeting experience, then select ‘Meetings’ in the navigation pane to the left.

To begin an event, click the ‘Start a Meeting button.

Click on the ‘Join a Meeting button to join a meeting.

Input the information for the meeting such as the name of the host or personal room number, ID, meeting number or the title, in the text box that appears. Just like previously entering the password of the meeting in order to sign-in to the meeting.

Meetings in the web browser of Webex is a breeze regardless of whether you have an account with them or not. If at any point, you require more features you can change to the desktop application.