How to Invert your Camera on Zoom

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How to Invert your Camera on Zoom

You can disable the ‘Mirror my video’ setting to reverse your camera’s Zoom on both the mobile and web version.

Zoom is an audio and video chat application, has an estimated market share of 14%, which is close to G-Suite which is on top of the list. With the addition of easy, straightforward and user-friendly features in recent years the number of users has grown exponentially, and the increase remains visible.

However, Zoom does have certain default settings that could cause annoyance to a significant portion of users. One of these settings is ‘Mirror my Video that is turned on by default. The majority of other apps within the same segment also have this feature. It’s like looking at yourself in a mirror , where everything appears to be inverted. You as well as the background, and any text or image you’ve got on the backdrop. But, the person on opposite side doesn’t view the mirror image but rather see it how it’s supposed be seen.

However there are many who aren’t completely comfortable with the idea of mirrored videos and would prefer to view it in its original form. Zoom provides the an option to turn off the setting , and we’ll go over the issue in the upcoming sections. Additionally, as users are both active on the desktop and mobile apps, we will examine both in separate sections to allow you to disable the settings in both locations.

How to Remove Mirror Effect on Zoom Desktop App

To reverse your camera’s Zoom start the desktop application and select the ‘Settings’ icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

In the screen ‘Settings there are a variety of tabs to the left, and the settings that correspond to them on the right side when you click on a particular tab. If you want to alter the settings for mirrored video go to the tab ‘Video’ to the left.

Then, uncheck the box in front of ‘Mirror my Video under My Video settings.

When the setting is deactivated and you are unable to find an option to tick the box. Additionally the video won’t be mirrored during an event.

How to Remove Mirror Effect on Zoom Mobile App

Many users prefer using Zoom’s mobile app Zoom because it has the same set of the features that the web version has however it can be accessed from any location, which isn’t the case with the previous. This is why it’s important to talk about the procedure for the mobile version of Zoom and also.

When you launch the mobile application there are four sections on the bottom. Click on the Settings icon in the upper right corner to alter the settings for video.

In the screen ‘Settings there are a variety of setting related to meeting and apps. To alter the mirroring video settings, click on “Meetings”, which is the initial option.

Then, look for the ‘Mirror my Video option, and then tap the switch next to it to remove the option.

When the setting is deactivated when the setting is disabled, the colour of the toggle switch will shift from white to green.

Now you have a great video experience. You can clearly read the text on your background. The things won’t be inverted any longer. In the future you will be able to view your video in the same way as being watched by other people in a conference.