How to Install Google Meet as an App on Windows 10

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How to Install Google Meet as an App on Windows 10

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Google Meet, the recently revamped Google Hangouts Meet, is growing in popularity within the crowded field of video conferencing applications. It has experienced an almost unstoppable growth in popularity amid the lockdown triggered by the COVID-19 virus.

Google Meet, which is a part of the G-suitesuite, is now the most trusted software for teleconferencing used by many companies and institutions that want to host online classes and meetings, and with good reason. It offers secure connections and secure online meetings is among the main reasons. However, it’s not without flaws.

Google Meet does not have a dedicated desktop application for Windows which could be a problem for many users. However you can still download Google Meet as an app on your Windows 10 PC. In many ways, you might be better off using it.

Use Chrome to Install Google Meet as an App

If you’ve got Google’s Google Chrome browser installed on your PC and you’re using it, then this is a great day to be here. It is possible to install any app on the internet by using Google’s Chrome browser, which is not just Google Meet. Google Meet too.

Visit on the Chrome browser. After that, you can open your Chrome menu using on the three vertical dots that are located on the right-hand side of the address bar.

Click on the menu ‘More Tools under the menu, then select “Create Shortcut in the menu that is expanded.

A prompt dialogue box will be displayed on your screen after you click on the Create Shortcut option. It will name the shortcut as “Meet” by default. You can change the name however you like. Select the ‘Open as a window option to ensure that the shortcut opens in a distinct, focussed window, just as an application. Then, click the “Create” button.

Chrome creates an application for desktops that is compatible with Google Meet. You can then use it as other application on your computer without the need to open the browser.

The app can be launched via the Desktop shortcut, or search in the menu called Start.

Use Microsoft Edge to Install Google Meet as an App

If you’re not an Chrome user and you thought “well, there goes my chance to get the Google Meet App,” you couldn’t be more than. New Microsoft Edge users are also fortunate. Since Edge has been upgraded to the Chromium-based platform, it’s nearly a mirror image of all the Chrome features, and that also includes the ability to download any website as an application on Edge and more.

Start the brand new Microsoft Edge browser and go to Select the menu icon (three horizontal dots) to the right side of the address bar. Click on the Apps option. Select the ‘Install this website as an app’ from the menu.

The dialog will pop up in the display. You can alter the name suggested for the application, then click the “Install” button.

This website is downloaded as an app that has an icon for shortcuts on the desktop.

Google Meet might not have an app specifically designed for desktops on PCs, however users can utilize either the Chrome and Edge browsers to download the app for their computers. It can work as an app so long as the browser that was used to build the application has been installed in the computer.