How to Insert or Type Degree Symbol In Microsoft Word

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How to Insert or Type Degree Symbol In Microsoft Word

If you aren’t sure what to do with the degrees (deg) symbol into Word In this article, we’ll provide you with 7 various ways you can insert the symbol.

The Degree ( deg ) symbol is widely used to signify temperatures, measurements of coordinates, hours, (in medicine), alcohol evidence, musical quality and many more. Everybody has to make use of it at some point in their lives, but certain people are more frequent than others.

If you are a frequent user of the degree symbol frequently when writing your work, you’ll have figured out how to add it to Word at this point. If you don’t often use it or have never ever used it before, you are likely are thinking about how to insert it in Word since there’s no specific button for it in your keyboard.

Some individuals even keep their degree ( deg ) symbol in a document or search it online and then paste it into their Word document whenever they require it. Even if you know how to add the deg symbol, or employ a long-winded method for inserting it check out this article to learn the different ways you can insert the symbol of degree in Word. Then, you’ll be able to choose which option is the best for you.

1. Type Degree Symbol Using Keyboard Shortcuts

Let’s begin with the simplest method of entering the degree symbol into the Word document, which is to utilize keyboard shortcuts. MS Word offers pre-defined shortcut keys that allow you to include a degree symbol in any place within your document. What you have to do:

Open the document and then place your cursor in the area you wish to place the degree deg symbol. After that, you can use any of the following key combinations:

  • Alt+0176 – Ensure that you have the Num Lock is turned on. After that, hold the Alt key and then press 0176 keys in succession using the Numeric Pad located on left side of the keyboard.
  • Alt+246 – Ensure that you have the Num Lock is on. Hold your Alt button and then press the 246 keys in succession in the Numeric Pad to the right.

Then, release the Alt button and that degree icon will be displayed.

Alternately, use Ctrl+Shift+@, after that, Space. This will enter the deg symbol.

2. Use Unicode to Add Degree Symbol

It method is just like the previous method, which can be used to insert the degree symbol to MS Word. All you have to do is enter Unicode for the symbol of the degree and then immediately press Alt+X to add the symbol for degree.

Simply enter the code 00b0or or and then hit Alt+X in order to add the symbol for a degree.

If you’re using this in conjunction with other numbers or words make sure you leave an extra space after entering this Unicode or else, Word is going to consider Unicode as a part of the string, and will not return the symbol for degree.

For example, if you would like to enter 35deg, you must enter 35, followed by with a space, then enter the number 00B0 (35 0300B0) rather than 3500B0. Then, immediately following that, press Alt+X.

Then, delete the space that was before the symbol for degree.

3. Copy-Paste the Degree Symbol

If these shortcuts are difficult to remember and you don’t utilize the same degree frequently, you can cut and paste it into it.

You can either copy the symbol below or look up the symbol online and take it to copy. After that, you can paste the symbol wherever you like it:


4. Create a Degree Symbol by using the Insert Symbol Dialog Box

The most popular method for inserting any type of symbol, including that of the Degree symbol within Word is to use inserting the Symbol feature. It is Symbol can be used as an internal feature which permits users to insert any kind of characters and symbols in your Word document, such as Degree marks, trade Mark symbol, Copyright sign, etc. Here’s how to add symbols using within the Symbol Dialog box

Start your Word document and then move your cursor to where you wish to place the symbol for the degree. Go to the ‘Insert tab on the ribbon, and then click the icon ‘Symbol’ in the Symbols group.

Select More Symbols’ in the drop-down menu.

In the dialog box for Symbol choose the font you are already using from the drop-down menu ‘Font’.

After that, you can scroll through to the symbol list to find the degree symbol, and then select the symbol. Make sure you select the right symbol, as there are many other symbols that appear exactly similar to the symbol for degrees (for instance, Superscript zero, Ring above and so on. ).

To ensure that you have picked the correct symbol, make sure your selection’s name. chosen symbol is’Degree sign under the ‘Unicode name: Section. After that, click the ‘Insert’ tab and then click the ‘Close’ button.

If you are having a difficult to find the symbol, you can type Unicode in the field ‘Character code’ that is 00B0. Entering the correct code will instantly select the symbol. After that, press “Insert” to insert the symbol.

The Degree symbol is placed at the location you have chosen.

5. Create Custom Keyboard Shortcuts to Insert the Degree Symbol

It is possible to insert nearly every symbol you want in Word by using keyboard shortcuts. Every symbol has specific shortcuts. To locate the shortcut for the symbol, click the tab ‘Insert’ and click the ‘Symbols’. After that, select “More Symbols”.

Within the Symbols dialog, locate the symbol you wish to add and then select it in the Symbols dialog. If you choose the symbol, you’ll be able to see the shortcut for it below.

In the event that your default keyboard shortcuts are difficult to remember, you could make your own keyboard shortcuts to include the degree symbol in Word. Let’s see how to do it:

To make a custom shortcut for the symbol Click the Shortcut key …’ button in the lower part in the Symbols dialog box.

The dialog box will open that is called Customize Keyboard. Then, you can click on the ‘Press New Shortcut Key box, and then press the combination of keys you wish for the symbol of degree (e.g. Alt+Shift+D). After that, press the “Assign” button.

Normally, the shortcut keys are stored within the Normal.dotm template, however you are able to change the template however you like (but it’s not required). After you have assigned the shortcut then click Close twice to close the dialog box.

You can now use the shortcut keys that are assigned to insert the symbol for degree.

6. Create a Degree Symbol by with the help of the Character Map

Character Map is a built-in program that lets you view the entire list of characters available and their Unicodes (as as well as copy them to your clipboard) for each font installed on your personal computer. The character map will also assist you in inserting the degree symbol in Microsoft Word. Here’s how:

Start the menu from the top and type in ‘Character Map in the search box and then start it by clicking on the results.

The Character Map will be launched with a variety of characters and symbols. If you can locate the symbol for the degree in the listing, click twice on it and then click “Copy”. However, when you have many characters, it is difficult to locate the symbol for the degree. Therefore, select the option ‘Advanced View’ located in the lower left corner in the upper-right corner of your window.

Then, enter ‘degree’ or the “degree” in the box for searching (Search to:) on the right side and then click ‘Search’.

The tool will look for the symbol on the map of characters and display only those characters closely related to the search. If you search for “Degree” and you’ll see the Degree symbol as well as Degree Celsius and Degree Fahrenheit symbol.

Then, double-click the degree sign or click the degree sign , then select it by clicking “Select”.

After this, the symbol you have selected will be displayed in the ‘Characters to copy’ field. After that, click the ‘Copy’ button and copy the symbol onto the clipboard.

You can also enter the degree symbol Unicode within the “Go To Unicode field, which is the code 00B0. Entering the correct code is sure to select that symbol. After that, click Select’, then ‘Copy’ for the copy of symbol.

If you prefer the ‘Degree Celsius’ and/or the symbol ‘Degree Fahrenheit’ instead it is possible to double-click it, then select Copy for copying it. You can duplicate multiple characters from Character Map. Character Map utility.

Once the Degree symbol has been copied to the clipboard you can then paste it wherever you’d like. In your document, place your cursor to the location you wish to place the symbol then press Ctrl+V.

7. Incorporate Degree Symbols using the AutoCorrect Feature

AutoCorrect is a different method to insert any specific character, such as the degree symbol within Microsoft Word. AutoCorret is a unique feature that lets users instantly correct common typos and spelling mistakes through replacing these with the specific text or character.

You must give a particular text or abbreviation for the degree symbol, and Word will automatically convert the string to the degree symbol every time you enter it. These are the steps to follow to create your own AutoCorrect shortcuts in Word:

Start MS Word and switch to the tab ‘Insert’ then click the ‘Symbol’ icon in the Symbols group. From the menu dropdown, choose the option ‘More Symbols’.

Within the Symbols dialog box, click the ‘AutoCorrect’ …’ button in the lower-left corner of this dialog box.

Utilizing the AutoCorrect feature it is possible to can include the degree symbol to Word: AutoCorrect and Math AutoCorrect.

Utilizing the ‘Replace text as type’ choice in AutoCorrect

In this way it is possible to use AutoCorrect will be used. AutoCorrect feature will automatically replace the abbreviation you specify (or string) (whenever the string is entered into Word) by the symbol for degree.

If you see the AutoCorrect dialog box appears Go to the tab ‘AutoCorrect’ and ensure that you select the ‘Replace text as type’ option is selected. Then, click the option ‘Plain Text.

Enter the abbreviation or string into the input box marked ‘Replace. It could be anything you want to replace automatically using the symbol for degree – e.g. DEG, , DEGSY.

Then, type in the symbol for a degree into the ‘With:’ input bar. You can type in the symbol for the degree by pressing Alt+0176 or Alt+248. Then, click ‘Add’.

This will include the shortcut in AutoCorrect. AutoCorrect list. Then, click ‘OK’ and then ‘Close’ to close the dialog box.

Place your cursor in the area you wish to place the symbol for the degree, then type DEGS, then hit Space to automatically convert this to the symbol for degree.

Using the Math AutoCorrect

Start the AutoCorrect dialog box by following the same steps as above, and then go to the Math AutoCorrect’ tab.

Make sure that you enable the ‘Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of the math regions’ option is turned on. Then, go through to the rules list to verify if the rule for degree-deg (default) is enabled. Then, click ‘OK’.

When you type the word “degree” (without quotation marks) and press Space, Word will replace it with a symbol representing a degree.

That’s it.