How to Insert Google Sheet in Google Doc

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How to Insert Google Sheet in Google Doc

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Google provides its users with incredible usability through a range of tools that help them to focus their efforts with ease. Two of these highly utilized instruments include Google Docs and Google Sheets. Google Docs helps users create and manage documents, while Sheets allows users to create spreadsheets. Both applications allow users to work on files simultaneously in real-time, with other users.

If you need to incorporate information from Google Sheet Google Sheet into a Google Doc document for the purpose keeping records of data or for performing calculations, you can connect the spreadsheet’s data to the document, and be able to update it whenever changes are made to the spreadsheet that was used as the basis. In this article, we’ll learn how to insert Google Sheet in Google Doc and then make any changes you want.

Inserting Google Sheet in Google Doc

Choose the entire spreadsheet that you wish to include in your document using the keys Ctrl and A.

Click on the Edit Click on the ‘Edit’ button within the bar menu. A menu for editing will be displayed and from there, click “Copy” and the spreadsheet’s data is copied.

Open Google Docs and the document where you wish to add the spreadsheet’s content. Select the Edit button on the menu bar, and then choose ‘Paste’ from the menu choices.

When you click “Paste”, a pop-up will pop up with the option of ‘Link to spreadsheet’ set as default. This will make sure that the modifications made to Google Sheets are reflected into Google Docs without issue. Simply click the “Paste” button to paste the spreadsheet. The table is copied into the document.

Google Sheet data Google Sheet data will look as follows when it is pasted into the Google Doc file.

Updating Table

You can edit the table directly using Google Doc. Google Doc file with the assistance of a button that is located just above the table, as shown below.

For example, if we insert an additional row to the spreadsheet, it will reflect that in our document too.

After you’ve completed the modifications within the spreadsheet, open the spreadsheet again, and you’ll see an update button appear above the table linked.

When you click the Update button, the data within the table is added however, the row that was added won’t be displayed. In order to achieve this it is necessary to expand the scope of the table linked in the document.

Changing Range of the Table

To change the size for the table simply click the “Linked table options” drop-down menu.

Select the option ‘Change range’ in the menu dropdown.

You will receive the table information. In this instance, E11 is the last cell in the row that is on the left.

To be able to reflect these changes we have to do is add an additional row. For doing this, simply increase the cell’s number by one (i.e. E12) and then click the OK button.

The changes will be reflected in the table linked in Google Doc.

This method will allow you to display data and keep track of calculations efficiently using minimal effort in a Google Doc file.