How to Insert Check Mark (Tick) in Excel

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How to Insert Check Mark (Tick) in Excel

It is easy to insert an X in Excel by using keyboard shortcuts, the symbol dialogue box, CHAR, and Autocorrect.

Checkmarks are particular symbol that may be included in the spreadsheet cell to show that it is correct either ‘yes’ or the ‘x’ symbol typically signifies ‘no’ or incorrect.

A checkmark (also called the symbol for a check) is utilized to confirm tasks, managing lists and for a variety of other purposes. Checkmarks can be easily integrated into Excel, Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint.

This article will look at the various ways to add a checkmark to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

Inserting a Check Mark in Excel

We’ll remind you that in this post, we will demonstrate the way to add a check mark’ into the cell, not an ‘checkbox’ that can be a control item (control). Both may appear like they do, but they’re distinct. Checkmarks are an unmoving symbol that can be placed in cells, whereas an X, however is an interactive control that is placed over the cells.

Let’s look at five ways to insert a tick marks or checkmarks in Excel.

Method 1 – Copy and Paste

Let’s begin with the simplest and fastest method of inserting an asterisk in Excel. Simply copy and paste the characters below.

Tick Marks:


Cross Marks:


For copying and pasting the tick mark or cross mark choose one of the cross or tick symbols above, then press Ctrl+C for copying it. Then, you can open the spreadsheet. select the cell you want to paste into, and click Ctrl+V to paste it.

Method 2 – Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also add crosses or tick marks using the keyboard in Excel.

Then, click on the tab ‘Home’ and switch your font’s style. It can be either “Wingdings 2 or Webdings in your cell(s). A Checkmark is only shown as an icon in the Wingdings format.

Press any keyboard shortcut in the image below to receive the appropriate crossing mark or tick:

Method 3 – Symbols Dialog Box

Another way to insert an X or a checkmark is to use an Symbol dialog box in Excel’s Ribbon.

First, choose the cell in which you wish to add a checkmark symbol Switch to the tab ‘Insert and then click the icon ‘Symbol’ in the Symbols group.

A dialog box for Symbols will be displayed on your worksheet. Select the font drop-down list, and then select the ‘Wingdings’ option. Scroll down until you see the checkmark symbols. Select the one you like then press the ‘Insert’ option to insert it.

NOTE:When you select a symbol from the dialog box for symbols, it will display its codes in the “Character Code box that is located in the lower part of the screen. It is also possible to make use of these codes to create an equation to add an asterisk in Excel.

If you aren’t a fan of the above symbols in the “Wingdings” Font choose “Wingdings 2” in the Font drop-down menu, select the symbol, then click the button ‘Insert’ (or double-click on it) to add the symbol into the selected cell.

Then, click the “Close” for closing this Symbol Dialog box.

Method 4 – Function CHAR

Its CHAR function is an integral text function that is built into Excel. It is able to return a character or symbol. In Method 3 when we select an icon within the Symbol window, Excel displays a ‘character code’ for every symbol. It can be used as an argument to using the CHAR function that returns the symbol.

The Formula:

=CHAR(character code)

If you choose to use the characters (252) as an argument in the formula above, it will return the equivalent ASCII characters (u) for the currently selected font.

To display the cross and tick symbols correctly, you have to change the font to ‘Wingdings’ in the cell.

The below character codes to insert various symbols by using the function CHAR.

Method 5 – Alt Code

You can also include tick marks by typing the character code directly into the spreadsheet cell, while pressing your keypad to the Alt key on your keyboard.

First, choose the cell in which you wish to add an X and set the cell’s font type to “Wingdings”. After that, pressing your Alt button and pressing the Enter key, enter the following codes.

Be aware that you will require the numerical keyboard on the right side, not the numbers on the top of the keyboard.

Method 6 – AutoCorrect

You can also utilize Excel’s AutoCorrect feature in order to insert an X. This is among the most efficient and speediest methods to add tick marks. All you need be doing is to add the word into the list of words that are misspelled along with the tick mark. When you type the term, Excel will automatically correct it by putting a tick mark on it.

The first step is to insert the preferred tick icon using one of the methods above. After that, you can select the symbol within the bar of formulas and duplicate it.

Then, click on the File tab, then choose ‘Options’.

Within the Excel Options window, select “Proofing” in the left-hand side pane, and then choose ‘AutoCorrect Options’ on the right-hand side.

A autoCorrect dialogue box is likely to appear. In the field ‘Replace enter the word you wish to associate to the symbol of the checkmark, e.g. ‘tick’. In the field ‘With’, paste the symbol that you copied into the bar formula (u). Click “Add” to include it in the list of autocorrected words.

You can also add the () symbol using the method 1 within the box ‘With.

The word “tick” is included in the misspelled word list. (u) is the autocorrect word. Click OK for the closing of this AutoCorrect window.

In the future, if you type the word tick in a cell , and then press Enter it will change to a (u) symbol. To convert it to the Excel tick, you can apply the font ‘Wingdings’ to the cell.

That’s all you have to be aware of when inserting checkmarks into Excel.