How to Insert a Header on First Page Only in Microsoft Word

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How to Insert a Header on First Page Only in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word offers ample customizations for users, which is among the main factors behind its success. For example, you can add an ‘Header’ on the very first webpage of the document.

Headers are on the uppermost part of documents and can be used to display details such as pages numbers, titles or page number. The default content of the header remains the same throughout the entire document, unless specified other ways.

Sometimes, you might need to add an header on only one of the pages in your document. For instance, if you want to include a title on the page’s first page, or even the name of the author. In the following steps, we’ll look at how to accomplish this.

To include a header on the first page of Word Double-click the header area on the first webpage of your document.

The tab ‘Design’ will appear. Here you can select the various options and settings for the header and footer. Then, check the box for ‘Different First Pages in the section ‘Options.

It is now possible to add the desired information in the header and it will appear in the initial page. When you’re done you can click “Close Header and Footer” to the right of the tab ‘Design. It is now possible to work on the other document.

If you now know how to insert a header to the top of the page, it can help you to personalize and improve the accessibility of your document.