How to Hide Tagged Photos on Instagram

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How to Hide Tagged Photos on Instagram

Everything you must be aware of when it comes to the hiding of and management of your images and photos on Instagram.

Although the posts that are tagged on Instagram aren’t as popular as Facebook, i.e., no one of your followers will see the tagged post in question in their feeds unless they are following the original author however, they’re not completely safe also. Anyone who follows your profile will easily view all posts you’ve been tagged on.

Usually, posts with tags aren’t an issue. However, occasionally they could be. Sometimes, a family or friend member uploads a photo that you don’t want anyone to view. Sometimes, it’s just random strangers who tag you in their pictures, or even selfies. Seriously, why would they do this? On other occasions there’s a fake account.

Whatever the reason in deciding to conceal a tag on a post, the truth of the issue is that the job is incredibly simple.

Hiding a Single Post

If you are tagged by someone in their post on Instagram You receive an email notification. If you don’t agree with this post you are able to remove it from the feed right away.

Start the Instagram application on your phone and then go to the tab ‘Activity’ in the menu bar at the bottom. You will be able to view your notifications.

After that, tap the notification to the post. Tap the notification for the tagged.

If the notification to the post that was tagged is lost amid the plethora of notifications, there’s no need to search for it. Click the tab ‘Profile’ in the menu bar.

After that, click the “Tagged Posts Tab. The posts you’ve been associated with will be displayed. Look for the post you’re looking for.

The post will be opened. Click the three dots menu located in the upper-right corner the post.

A menu of a few choices will be displayed on your screen. Select “Tag options” in the menu.

You can tap your username using the tags of the post. Similar menus will be displayed.

Click ‘Hide from My Profile’ to block this post on your account, while being tagged. If you block a tagged posting from your account and the person who has tag you will not receive any notifications regarding the post. If you’re concerned that they might be offended it’s possible to put the matter to the side.

If you decide to change your mind and would like to display it on your profile time, it’s not difficult. Click your username in the post or click the ‘Tag Options in the menu with three dots. After that, tap ‘Show my profile’ from the menu.

If the post isn’t related to you, click ‘Remove Me from Post’ instead. It won’t only hide posts from your account, but it will remove your username tagged from the post.

A confirmation pop-up will be displayed. Tap “Remove” to confirm. If you do remove your self from posting and the original poster will not receive a notification.

Hiding Multiple Posts

If you’re always looking over the posts you’ve been featured in and want to tidy your profile by hiding certain posts from your past You don’t need to remove each one at a time. You can remove multiple post from your account at once.

Click on the “Tagged Posts From your profile.

Tap on any post that is tagged for it to display. Then, click the ‘Edit option’ in the upper-right edge of your screen.

The options for managing posts tagged will be displayed. Click Edit to the right of the grid of tagged posts.

Tap on the posts you wish to hide to choose the ones you want to hide. After that, tap “Hide” from the menu at the lower right.

The selected posts will be removed on your account.

They can be removed at once by pressing the option’Remove’ instead. Tap “Done” to return.

Manage the Settings for Tagged Posts

If you find yourself frequently being a bit elusive or not interacting with the posts you’ve tagged, alter the settings of your posts that are tagged. There are some options to adjust that will make tags less of an issue. You can block people from tagging you or limit the those you follow to be able be tagged. If someone attempts to tag you but isn’t able be able to, they’ll notice that you do not allow tags from anyone.

You can also set up the manual approval of tags on posts. When somebody tags you on an article, it shows on your profile in a way that is automatic. If you allow manual approval, each time somebody tags you in a post, you’ll receive the approval form. If you don’t approve your post won’t show in your account.

Click on the “Profile” tab in the menu bar that is located at the lower right of the Instagram application on your smartphone.

Tap the three lines that are stacked in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Choose ‘Settings’ from the menus that pop up.

Select ‘Privacy’ in settings.

Click the button for “Posts” in the section for Interactions.

To alter who can tag you, head to the “Allow Tags From section. By default the option ‘Everyone’ is chosen, but you can alter it to People You Follow or No One. Press the radio button on the right side of the choice to select the option.

To allow manual approval for tags, select the option for ‘Manually Approve Tags’..

A page with settings for posts tagged will be displayed. Turn on the toggle for “Tag controls’.

Once you’ve enabled the manual approval feature, you’ll still receive a notification whenever someone tags you as before. However, until you visit the post and decide to display it on the profile of your account, it will not show in the list of posts that have been tagged in your account.

The next posts you are tagged in, but haven’t yet been approved yet will be accessible in the section ‘Pending tags’ in the settings for tagged posts.

You can hide, add or delete the posts that are pending in bulk, or one by one. Click Edit in the upper right corner of the screen. Select the posts you want to edit and select the appropriate option, i.e., whether you wish to hide, add, or delete certain posts.

This is all there is to it. You now know all you need to know about the hiding of and management of your tagged Instagram posts. Instagram.