How to Hide Like Count on Instagram

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How to Hide Like Count on Instagram

You can easily hide the number of likes you and other postings on Instagram to stop obsessing about the like count.

The internet has made an enormous influence on our lives, however, it’s not always a positive force. There are certain elements which make the internet a bad environment to be in. The obsession with engagement and a love for culture are just a few of those aspects.

It’s not a good idea to be philosophical however, it is a reality for all of us, looking for validation through the number of people who like our posts. While the issue is more complex than this, Instagram has still introduced an interim solution. It is possible to hide the number of likes on your posts. If it’s your blog post or another user’s that causes you to go on an obsessional spiral There’s a way to conceal the like count for the posts. Let’s get going!

Hiding Like Count for Others’ Posts

While some users look at the likes on their posts to gauge the content’s popularity with others, some find it annoying. If you don’t want to influence your view of content by the likes and prefer to concentrate on the content it is possible to hide your likes count. This option blocks your like counts for every post in your feed, however. There’s no way to hide the like count on specific posts.

To block the number of likes that are public for other posts To hide the public like count for other posts, launch the Instagram app and select the tab ‘Profile’ in the navigation bar located at the lower right of the screen.

Tap the three lines that are stacked at the right-hand corner.

Select ‘Settings’ from the overlay menu that opens.

After that, select the option for Privacy.

Click on ‘Posts’ in within the Interactions section.

Now, turn on the toggle to hide like as well as View Counts’.

This will conceal the like count for every post on your feed as well as the Explore page. This won’t hide the like count for your blog posts, however.

You can select ‘Others’ and browse across the page of users that liked your post. However, it will not show all the people who liked it.

Hide Like Counts on your posts

You can conceal the like count on your blog posts, so that the likes only show only to the person who posted it. Other users will only see “Liked by other people” on the post, regardless of whether they’re hiding like count on posts in their feeds or not.

You can choose to conceal the like count when posting your post, or reveal it later at anytime. Let’s look at both options. There’s no way to conceal the count of likes on all of your blog posts at once.

Hiding Like Count While Sharing the Post

When sharing your post, choose the post to share, and then go to the page titled “New Post” after you have applied filters and other settings. This is where you can add your caption and tag people and alter other settings. When you are on the New Post page, go to the end of the page, and then tap Advanced settings..

Within the Advanced settings, turn on the toggle to hide like and count of views on the post’.

After that, return to the ‘New Post’ webpage and then share the post. You can display the likes following sharing your post if you would like.

Hide Like Count After a Post is Published

After a post has been published, it’s possible to conceal the like count for it. Visit the post for which you wish to hide the likes. If it’s still in your feed, you’ll be able to get it there. If not, click the tab ‘Profile’ in the navigation bar that is at the lower left. After that, you can open the post in the grid.

Then, tap the “three-dot menu’ located in the upper-right corner of your screen.

A menu overlay will be displayed. Select ‘Hide Like Count in the menu.

If you click the ‘Others’ tab in the Liked by username> and Others below the post you’ll be able view the total number in the upper right.

To display the like count once more, regardless of whether you hidden it later or when you published the post, click the three dots menu and choose “Unhide Like Count” in the drop-down menu.

Instagram gives its users the ability to control their experience, giving them an option to choose to conceal the number of likes or not. If you feel that the number of likes makes Instagram an unfriendly space for you, it is easy to remove it.