How to Hide and Unhide Chat in Microsoft Teams

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How to Hide and Unhide Chat in Microsoft Teams

Clean up your chats within Microsoft Teams by easily hiding chat threads.

Microsoft Teams is a great application to help improve collaboration and communication in the workplace. However, it’s not the perfect solution. It’s had a long experience of having incredible features, but lacking some essential features.

A case in point today deletion of a chat on Microsoft Teams. It’s easy to imagine that something as simple such as that would make among the very first features that a communication platform should include. You’re wrong! Microsoft Teams does not offer the option of deleting whole Chat threads “by design.”

It comes with a complicated option to delete or modify messages that you’ve already posted. However, if you’re trying to tidy up your chat window a more, you’re out of luck there. In that regard be aware that you aren’t able to delete messages left by the other party.

The ability to erase the private threads of chat is reportedly being considered by the team working on development since it’s a highly-demanded feature. However, nothing is final.

What else can you do to help in the meantime? You can block chats that you don’t want to clutter your chat list , and then try that you forget it. A lot of users consider it equivalent to burying their heads into the sand, which is a fitting analogy. However, it’s a solution which is better than, i.e., being in a position to do nothing.

NOTE: The option to remove a chat thread is accessible in Teams for Small and Personal Business Use. However, even in that case you can choose to conceal a chat in case deleting it isn’t enough for you. Whatever version of the app that you’re running, hiding or hiding the chat will provide the same experience for both. It is possible to use the option to organize your chats.

Hide a Chat in Teams

Hiding chat threads within Teams can help you organize your chat list a bit. You can hide groupchats, one-on-one and meeting chats , and then remove them at anytime.

Within Microsoft Teams, in the Microsoft Teams app, go to Chat from the navigation bar to the left.

The chat list will be displayed just to the right on the bar navigation. Select the chat you wish to block and hover over it. The icon for ‘More Options’ (three-dot menu) will be displayed Click it.

After that, select “Hide” from the menu that pops up.

The chat and its history remains hidden until someone makes a new request to it, or you specifically remove it. If you hide a chat and it isn’t visible in the results of searches for chats with the filter option until you remove it.

Unhide a Chat in Teams

To de-hide a chat open the Command Bar (search bar to find Team Personal) in the upper right corner of Teams.

Enter your name and the user who’s chat you wish to reveal in the command bar, then select them from the options below it.

The chats will be visible in the chat threads. However, the history of chat is hidden until you decide to reveal it. Click “Show hidden chat history” to display the chat history.

The chat thread will be listed on the list of chats, in case you don’t see it, make use of the filter feature to find their chat.

The search function lets you view it for a short time and then resume the chat. However, it isn’t a permanent way to unhide it. To remove it, visit the thread in the chat list once again and select ‘More Options’ (three-dot menu).

After that, choose Unhide in the drop-down menu.

Is there a way to delete old Chats in Teams to work?

Being concerned about chat archives is a natural thing. If Microsoft decides to add the option of deletion into Teams for Work, is there a solution to delete the old chat archives? Deleting individual messages doesn’t cut it, after all. Also you are only able to erase your messages. This is only one-half of a chat.

If you’re an IT administrator for your company then you could make a few changes. There is a feature in Teams called retention policies. It is possible to set up retention policies to ensure that Teams doesn’t store data indefinitely, which is the default setting.

Retention policies let you determine the time until which you’d like keep the information – team message, channels messages, and chats between teams. When this time-frame expires, the data will be immediately erased. This is one method to make sure that Teams doesn’t get overwhelmed with old data that nobody would like to see.

Hiding and unhiding chats within Microsoft Teams can come handy in many situations. If you’re looking for ways to remove the chat, or is to temporarily take out of sight and hide it, hiding it is the best option.