How to Group Elements in Canva

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How to Group Elements in Canva

You can avoid lots of hassle when making changes to elements in Canva by placing them in groups

A Canva design is comprised of a variety of distinct elements. The fact that they are distinct can be extremely helpful in certain instances. However, at other times it can be the problem. If you need to move certain elements or change their size in a single step for each element could cause a person to become insane. Particularly when designing something, when you have to move objects around a million times in order to achieve the perfect location.

Imagine the chaos of trying to maintain the ideal ratio while also expanding or reducing the size of the text, which are distinct elements? or trying to move the elements in a separate way and still keep the spacing and alignment intact? It will take some time at the very most.

Luckily, Canva has a feature to group elements, which allows you to change and resize them all at once, while maintaining the ideal ratio, spacing and alignment, etc. The idea is clear.

Grouping Elements in Canva

The process of grouping components in Canva is quite simple. Choose the elements you wish to group. You can group several elements by moving your mouse across them. Press and hold the Shift key, and then click every element while pressing it down.

The elements will be displayed in blue lines solid and dotted. Each element will appear in solid lines, while the group they’ll create will be represented by dots.

A new toolbar that includes editing options that are specific to the elements above the page of design. Click the Group button to the right side of the toolbar.

If you are unable to locate the Group option in your toolbars, that’s likely that your left panel has been extended. Select the option ‘More’ (three-dot symbol) in this instance.

A second toolbar will be displayed beneath the primary one. Click the Group button now.

You can also utilize the keys Cmd + G(On Mac) or Ctrl + G (On Windows) to arrange the elements you have selected.

After the elements have been grouped it is possible to move them and re-size them all in one go or accomplish whatever you were thinking of doing for creating these elements in the first place. After that, you can either let them be as is or de-group them and return them back to their original condition.

Regrouping them makes it easier to use other design options such as fonts, colors animations, fonts, etc. To remove them from the group, simply select the element , then select the button ‘Ungroup’ in the toolbar of the element.

This is all there is to do when it comes to grouping elements in Canva. However, we can assure you that this feature is simple and will go a long way in simplifying your work when designing.