How to Get a Character Count in Microsoft Word

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How to Get a Character Count in Microsoft Word

Discover the seven different methods to determine the number of words or characters in the Word document.

Understanding the word or character count is crucial for a variety of reasons, particularly when writing blog posts, a legal documents, work assignments or academic papers. There are numerous instances when you might need to know the amount of characters you write instead of words, such as sharing on Facebook, Twitter or other social networks, sending an emails or SMS, making a comment or a comment, etc.

As Microsoft Word is the leading word processor, it comes with an option to keep track of the amount of characters, words lines, paragraphs, and pages within your documents. There are a variety of ways that you can check the character count within Microsoft Word and we will look at each one within this post.

Get Character Counts on Microsoft Word’s review Tab in Microsoft Word

Microsoft offers an inbuilt feature called Word Count which allows you to see counts of more than just the characters (with or without spaces) but as well pages, words paragraphs, lines, and words. Word count the amount of characters and words as typing, which can be seen through Word Count. Word Count feature. Follow these steps to determine the characters in Word:

Then, open the Word document where you wish to count the characters. Then, click the tab ‘Review’ on the top of the screen and then click the Word Count button within the Proofing group.

The Word Count dialog box will be displayed with the characters count (including spaces and without space). It will also display the number of words Pages, Paragraphs and Lines in the document currently.

Below the text, select the box that says ‘Include footnotes, textboxes and endnotes’ choice If you want footnotes, text boxes, and endnotes to be included in the total. Once you’re finished you can click the ‘Close’ button close the dialog box.

Get Character Count for Specific Text in Word

If you want to determine the total number of characters within the specific paragraph, sentence, page or section, choose the specific text and then click the ‘Word count on the Review tab.

The Word Count box will show you the word count only for the text you have selected.

Check the Character Count using the Status Bar

Microsoft’s Word count feature counts words automatically when you type them into your document, and displays the word count on the bar in your status. The default status bar displays only the Word count however, it does not show the characters. You can, however, add a character count to the status bar, so that you can see the total count.

To see the character count in the status bar click on the Status bar that is at the bottom of the window and choose the ‘Character Count’ option. If the option is enabled, it will be highlighted by a tick.

You can now see the number of characters as you type into Microsoft Word.

Check the Character Counter using One Click

You can include to the Word Count button in the Quick Acces Toolbar and use it to see the total number of characters in a matter of minutes. To include Word count to the Quick Access Toolbar, follow these steps: Word count option to your Quick Access Toolbar Follow these steps:

Start Word. Open the Word program and right-click on any ribbon and choose ‘Add to the Quick Access Toolbar’.

Alternately, choose the File menu and then select the option ‘Options’.

Within Word Options. In the Word Option, switch to Quick Access Toolbar and then select “All Commands in the ‘Choose commands from’ drop-down.

Then, go through to the command list to find the ‘Word Count Command. Select the word count command and select ‘Add’ in the middle.

Then, click ‘OK to save the modifications.

When you have the Word Count button is added to the Quick Access Toolbar and you hit it at any time to view the word count.

View the Character Count in Word Online

If you create your documents using Microsoft Word online app, you can also check the word count in the same method. Here’s how to do this:

Start a browser on the internet and go at and log in using your Microsoft account details to gain access to Microsoft applications. After that, click on the word icon located on the left of your screen.

The next step is to start a new document and begin typing, in an already existing one where you’d like to determine the characters.

Go to the tab ‘Review’ in the menu bar, and then click the button ‘Word Count. After that, choose Word Count in the drop-down menu.

A tiny Word Count dialog box will be displayed in the middle, with the words count and characters (including spaces and space), and paragraphs. Select OK for the box to be closed.

Get Character Count in Word for Mobile

If you prefer using Word for Mobile, or the Word application on your smartphone You can also access the word count and character count from the Microsoft Word mobile app. Follow these steps to see the character counts for Word Word for Mobile:

Within Word, the Word application for mobile devices, you can open an existing document or make an entirely new one.

Once the document is open when the document opens, click the Edit option (pencil icon) in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Then, click on the button ‘Show Commands’ (a capital A and an icon of a pencil) in the upper-right corner on your display.

The command panel that is located in the bottom the screen. On the left side of this command screen, select or tap the ‘Home’.

In the pop-up menu, select ‘Review’ as illustrated below.

Select ‘Word Count Under on the Review menu.

Then, you will be able to see the number of words, characters, and pages within the document currently in use.

Use Online Character/Word Counter Websites

There are a variety of websites available that allow you to count characters, words paragraphs, lines, and paragraphs within a document. They are also very simple to use. Simply copy the contents of the document, and then paste it in one of the online applications. Certain websites allow you to upload your word document and then count the characters in it.

These are some online word and character counters that you can use: thewordcounter, wordcounter, keywordtool, charactercountonline, etc.

Open the document you wish to record characters. Choose the whole document using Ctrl+A, and then Ctrl+C to copy selected text.

After that, go towards one of these counters online tools and paste the text into your text field using Ctrl+V. The website will then instantly count the number of words, characters and characters and display the information to you.

Add a Character Count To Your Document

There are times when you’ll have to include the characters count in your document as an entry field. Follow these steps to insert the number of characters within your documents:

Then, open the Word document and then click on the area you would like to enter your number of characters that are within your document.

Then, click the tab ‘Insert’ on the ribbon.

In the tab Insert, click the Quick Parts button in the Text section. Then, choose the field option.

It will open to the Field Dialog box. In the field names list, choose the option ‘NumChars’ and then click the OK button. If you prefer to use the word count instead, choose “NumWords” from the field names list, and then select ‘OK’.

The total number of characters will be displayed where you placed your cursor within the document, as illustrated below.

That’s it.