How to Find Only Unread Emails in Gmail

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How to Find Only Unread Emails in Gmail

Sort out the rest of the emails, and then tend to the emails you haven’t read in order of priority.

Every day we get a plethora of emails from various sources like subscriptions, advertisements news, emails for job applications and information. We read some emails that we immediately read and respond to via the notification bar. However, there are plenty of emails that we keep for later.

If we go to Gmail in the future, we can see the emails that have not been read together with the read emails. This is uncomfortable on a smaller size, but if we were to handle a lot of emails, it could be a hassle and time-consuming task to manually remove the read messages from the open emails.

It’s a good thing that Gmail offers the ability to view all of your unread messages before moving to read email — both on the desktop and mobile apps. Here’s how.

The changes made to the one Gmail device will be reflected across all Gmail device.

Finding Unread Emails in Gmail

Start Gmail and then click the button ‘Settings’ (gear icon) in the upper right edge of your screen.

Go through the pane ‘Settings’ to locate the section titled ‘Inbox type. Click the radio button that is in front of the option ‘Unread first.

That’s it. Your inbox now shows the emails you haven’t read initially on your Gmail Desktop client.

If you’d like to reduce the number of emails that are unread and look over the other emails you have received Click the label ‘Unread’ with an upward-facing arrowhead over the list of emails that have not been read.

You are now able to view the ‘Everything else’. To return to your list of ‘Unread just click the label that is now in the drop-down menu.

To go back to the default inbox view, go back to Settings exactly as described previously, and then choose ‘Default’ under the ‘Inbox type’.

Finding Unread Emails in Gmail App on Mobile

The benefit of choosing to only view ‘Unread’ emails in the Gmail application is that you can easily change between the normal outlook of your inbox and view of ‘Unread first.

To allow you to view your emails that you haven’t read using your smartphone, open Gmail and then tap on the hamburger symbol (three horizontal lines) in the upper left corner of the screen.

Scroll until the bottom of the menu to find the Settings tab. Tap it to open.

Choose your Gmail’s email address from the next screen.

Then, click the option ‘Inbox type’ under the section ‘Inbox.

Press the radio button the middle of the “Unread first option’ in the next menu ‘Inbox Type.

That’s it! You’re done! Gmail application on mobile will now display all unread emails prior to everything else. Did you remember the switch we talked about in the beginning of this article? Here’s the switch.

Click the hamburger symbol (three horizontal lines) towards the upper right-hand edge of the Gmail homepage screen.

Below “All Inboxes” You can toggle between your regular Inbox and your unread inbox by clicking on the appropriate option.

If you want to switch back to default mailbox at any point you can follow the same steps that were discussed at the beginning of this article to get to the settings for ‘Inbox type. Select the option ‘Default inbox Inbox’ from the Inbox type menu.

This is the way you can see only unread emails in your Gmail. In some cases, your mobile application might show the normal inbox, but not the ‘Unread First inbox, even after changing the type of your inbox. If that is the situation, following the steps above will help you change to the inbox that is unread. We hope you find our guide helpful!