How to Enable Mature Content on Twitch

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How to Enable Mature Content on Twitch

Stream with caution. Make sure your viewers are warned to be aware before they start watching your stream , especially if the stream contains adult content.

There are mature content all over the place online and offline. It’s part of our society. Swearing, vulgar language sexual content, aggression, violence, and gore are typically the symbols of mature content.”A-rated” as well as “18+ content,” in other terms.

A lot of games on Twitch also require an adult audience. Certain streamers might use ‘cusswords when streaming, or even the whole nature of a channel or stream could be appropriate only for viewers over 18 years old. In these situations it is essential to inform your viewers that a trigger warning is vital.

In this article we will discuss the ways you can inform your viewers a heads-up regarding the maturity of your stream or channel.

NOTE: The option to enable mature content on Twitch is only available on the desktop application.

Enabling Mature Content on Twitch

Start the desktop application for Twitch and then click the user profile icon in the upper right part of your screen.

Then, select the “Creator Dashboard Option in the menu dropdown.

The creator dashboard in your web browser. Click the drop-down ‘Settings’ box beneath the “Creator Dashboard menu to the left.

Choose Stream under the drop-down menu ‘Settings.

Go to the option ‘Mature Content’ on the right, and then press the toggle button on the left to make it to purple.

NOTE:Although you’re enabling mature content, you should know that Twitch does not tolerate sexual violence, nakedness and threats, hate messages and sexual activities. If you’re caught broadcasting content that is offensive the streaming channel is immediately shut down.

“Mature content” is now available in the Twitch channel. Every time a viewer visits your channel, they will be presented with trigger warnings and an age-related warning.

Disabling Mature Content on Twitch

To turn off’mature content’, go back to the “Stream” option in your Creator Dashboard in the manner described above. Refresher Click the user Profile button, Creator Dashboard settings > stream. Then, click the toggle ‘Mature Content’ to switch it to into black and white, separating it from the purple.

“Mature Content” will now be turned off in the Twitch channel. Visitors and viewers will no longer require an ‘Age-appropriate prompt. Anyone can now view your stream.

This is how you can enable “Mature Content” on Twitch. It’s important to enable this feature when your channel or the content you stream or the language you’re using isn’t appropriate for a younger audience.