How to Draw in Canva

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How to Draw in Canva

You can draw freehand on Canva using Draw!

Canva is among the top graphic design websites. It is possible to do a lot using the free version, and even more with the professional version. Canva is available for free as an application on desktop as well as mobile and tablet devices. It’s a useful tool to meet your needs in the last minute for designing and is an ideal place to start managing, and then even offer design projects for sale. Canva is a great choice both as a web-based client and in an app.

But, the platform is missing one feature – the ability to draw. It did not have it. Canva offers the possibility to incorporate a drawing program in both the free and paid versions. However, it is only available for tablet and desktop users. Here’s how you can utilize the Draw application available on Canva to help you with your drawing needs with a free hand.

Free-Hand Drawing on Canva Using the Draw App

Then, you need to open Canva using your computer (desktop or tablet) and then either create a new layout or one that you have prepared that could be a blog post, a advertisement, a presentation or any other. It is important to open the design options and then proceed.

When the design options in the left margin are displayed, click the ellipsis icon that has three horizontal dots near the bottom of your list.

Then, scroll until the end in the “More” menu and then go through all the integration options and apps to locate the ‘Draw’ application. It is usually the final option.

The feature is currently in Beta phase right now. It’s not yet officially available on Canva. Therefore, it is subject to updates and modifications.

You must confirm that you are using the application by pressing the “Use” button following the details of the app to the right.

Select the brush you’d like to apply on your canvas: marker, pen glow pen, highlighter. You can alter both the transparency and size of each brush. Simply drag and click the toggles on the transparency and size sliders to select the size and transparency you prefer. You can also manually type in a number into the fields that are provided in both areas.

The greater the slider of the transparency of ption is, the more transparent these lines.

To select the color of the ink on your brush, click the square that is colored of the color you prefer. If you’re searching for a color that’s not available on the palette, simply click the “+” button near the top of the palette to alter the color(s).

Click the identical ‘+’ button in the color context menu that will use the same color scheme that was previously used.

Once you’ve selected a brush, you can select one of the colors from the customizable palette and draw directly with the color you choose! Set the slider for color on the color you want to select and then move the circle around the rectangle spectrum to select the color you want to use. Select the pen icon that is to left of the palette that you can customize.

You can draw directly using the brush and the colour of your choice onto your canvas.

When you’re finished drawing, hit the ‘Done’ button to end the application’s options.

Editing Your Drawing

When your drawing is completed, Canva would consider it as an image, therefore, the editing options for images would be available to your drawing too. To edit your drawing, simply select your drawing first, then select the Edit image option that is above the image.

Now you can access all editing options for images.

Adjusting Your Drawing

To alter the drawing you’ve created You can directly alter the options in ‘Adjust’ (brightness contrast, brightness, or saturation) If that’s the only adjustments you’re seeking. To see all of the options available under ‘Adjust’, select the ‘See All options.

You are now able to select any Adjustment setting, and then move the toggles on the sliders that correspond to them or enter precise numbers into the boxes provided.

If you find that the adjustments have gone wrong it is possible to reset the entire system by pressing the reset button near the bottom of the “Adjust” list.

Other options for editing images include filters. If you want to apply filtering to the drawing, making your drawing appear more appealing (which is essentially the extension of filters) or even incorporate your sketch to create a mock-up that is smart, go through the ‘Edit image’ section to locate filters, photogenic as well as Smart Mockups. Click on their respective ‘See All options’ to see the entire filters available in each section, and then select (and modify) the one you like best.

Animating Your Drawing

In addition to editing your drawing in Canva You can also make it animated! Here’s how.

Then, choose your drawing (it could also be separate elements of the drawing) Then, click the ‘Animate’ button. the 3D circle icon above the live design area.

Because your drawing is viewed as an individual image you’ll be redirected to the list of “Photo Animations” options to the left. To create a full page animation you must scroll through the options for ‘Page Animations’. Select and apply an animation choice from the two options.

The animation you choose will appear over your design instead of the option ‘Animate. You can go back to the options for animation by clicking this button. To stop the animation, select the ‘None’ option . It’s the first option on both options for animation (photo as well as page).

You can also alter the length of the animation too. For this to be done, select the drawing or parts of it and then click the timer icon that has 5 seconds. You can move the toggle across the slider for ‘Timing’ or enter the number of minutes in the boxes beside it. The more seconds you have more, the less speedy your animation.

To play your animated image for the duration you prefer, simply select the block using the play button, and then the desired number of seconds on the right side of the ribbon on the app or website.

Now you can be able to see your drawing moving. You can download the video from this screen , too. Click the Download button at the top right-hand corner of the playing screen, choose your type of file (we suggest using the recommended file type) from the drop-down menu, then click the Download button at the end of the list.

You can also download directly from the design screen by selecting the icon of the ellipsis (three horizontal dots) at the top-right edge of your screen, and clicking the Download option from the dropdown menu. The identical download box that is previously shown.

How to Remove the Draw App

If you want to delete the drawing app out of the Canva margin, just hover your mouse over the block of the app and press an ‘X’ in the left-hand edge of the block.

The app is off of your wish list!

This is how you can draw using Canva and do much more using the same drawing as well! We hope you find our tutorial useful. Have fun drawing!