How to Download and Use Webex Removal Tool

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How to Download and Use Webex Removal Tool

This is the tool you require for when you need to do an uninstall clean of the Webex application.

Webex desktop application for meetings is an excellent tool to install installed on your system if often use it for meetings. However, if it’s not useful to you, you may decide to remove it from your system to free up room on the system, or due to a different reason.

Uninstalling Webex is simple; you can install it as any other application on the Windows system. However, when you remove an application, are you certain that all the files that are associated with it and files that are no longer of value to you, are gone. Of course it’s impossible to be certain since it’s not a guarantee. This is why you require webex removal Tool.

Webex Removal Tool is a professional tool that removes manually the entire set of Webex associated folders, files and documents (including the AA/ RAand NBR) from your computer. All you have to run the tool is after deinstalling the Webex desktop application.

Downloading and Using Webex Removal Tool

Visit Cisco’s support site here Click on the “.zip” file to download it.

Open the .zip file and extract the ‘CiscoWebexRemovalTool.exe’ file.

Before using the tool, remove Webex application from your computer. Go to your Windows settings, then select the Apps option to launch the application.

Search for Webex Meetings’ in the Applications and Features and then click the ‘Uninstall the application’s’ button. If you are prompted to grant User Account Control authorization then click Yes.

Now, right-click the ‘CiscoWebexRemovalTool.exe’ file you extracted earlier and select ‘Run as Administrator’ from the menu. Select ‘Yes’ in the Account Control dialog box. Account Control box.

The Command Prompt window will appear. Enter ‘Yes’ and then press Enter. Enter key. The program will delete all folders and files associated with Webex Meetings.

If you simply wanted to eliminate the entire set of files that are associated with Webex or to do an uninstall cleanly in the event that some of your files were damaged and was causing problems, Webex Removal Tool is the most efficient method to accomplish it.