How to Do a Joint Post on Instagram

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How to Do a Joint Post on Instagram

Make use of Instagram Collabs for reaching out to a larger audience when you collaborate with an individual.

Businesses and creators who use Instagram often collaborate with other users. However, when they collaborate with another tag one of them isn’t sufficient for the account’s tags.

It’s not a surprise. The majority of people who scroll through their feeds have the attention span that is similar to an infant, at the very least with regard to the content that is displayed on their screens. The habit of scrolling through Instagram while watching the TV off in the background typical of the Gen-Z and millennial method of working. However, the absence of focus frequently means that the person who is collaborating, i.e., the second account that isn’t posting content, but is just included in the tags, winds in being hurt.

The method of origin for performing things i.e. tag is also a way to ensure that followers of the account that is tagged aren’t able to view the post in a natural way. If the account that was tagged doesn’t share the post on their social media and it’s not possible for followers to view the post. Let’s face it that stories are often ignored. The only way to avoid this previously was to publish duplicate content. Instagram Collab features change the way you share content.

What is the Collab Feature on Instagram?

The latest collab feature available on Instagram allows both accounts to get equal credit for the post they collaborate on, rather than one account being obliterated in the tag. The collab feature lets both usernames are acknowledged as the authors for the content.

This basically means that both accounts will be able to share the real estate of the top of the blog post, whereas previously we could only see one username.

The collab feature to create reels and posts. The postor reel will be displayed in the grid of your profile and the feeds of followers for both users, exactly like any other post you typically make on Instagram.

It will garner views, likes, as well as comments on both profiles. This means that it won’t be a distinct post that is shared on the profiles of both users and will be a single post. The collab feature not only eliminates the need to create duplicate posts and naturally increases the visibility of your post when you share it with both your and the followers of your co-author. It’s an all-win situation in every sense of the word.

NOTE: The option is not accessible on private accounts. It’s only available to all professional and public non-professional accounts.

How to Create a Joint Post

Making a joint post quite simple. If you’re looking to create an image/video reel or post it’s identical for both. In this tutorial we’ll use the photo post.

Start the Instagram application on your smartphone and then tap the plus icon in the upper-right corner of the screen. Select “Post” to make an entirely new post.

Follow the normal steps to create that blog post. i.e. choose the image in your photo roll, or click it and apply any filters, and other modifications.

When you get to your New Post screen that has the option of adding an image, caption and more. Tap the button for “Tag People”.

After that, select the option to invite a Collaborator on the Tag People screen.

Find the person you wish to invite as collaborators on your post. The person you’re inviting could be a private account. it’s a private account that only is a problem when you are the person who wrote the post and you want to invite an associate. This option will not be available. The account’s tag that you invite to collaborate will be automatically displayed in the middle of the page.

If you wish to edit the collaborator’s information click Edit Collaborator and select another account to become the collaborator.

The account you selected previously will be automatically converted into an account that is tagged instead. You can only have one collaborator. However, you can tag others in the post as you would normally. The account that was designated to collaborate will have “Collaborator” within the tag.

To remove a collaborator or a tag account, select the ‘x’ button to the right.

After you’ve invited the person you want to collaborate with, click “Done” and then share the post as you would normally.

When you share the post, the inviting account will be notified that you have requested collaboration. The other account will need accept your request to collaborate. If they do, they’ll be co-authors on the post. The post will also be featured on their profile as well as their followers’ feeds, and on their feeds. However, until they accept the post, there won’t be a collaborators on your post.

Accepting a Collab Request

If you’re on the opposite side of a collaborative post i.e. that you’re one asked to collaborate it’s easy to accept. You’ll get a message to collaborate in the form of DMs of the account on which you’re not to join.

You can open the message, and be able to see the post that they’ve invited you to join as collaborator. Click the View Request button within your message.

The post will be displayed on an additional page. You can view the video, post, or reel to view what they’ve shared. After that you can click the ‘Review’ button at the bottom right of the post to either accept or deny the request.

A pop-up window will appear in your browser. Tap “Accept” to accept the request and then add yourself as a collaborator to the post.

If you choose to the decline button, at present, you can’t make a request for collaboration on the same post again. Invite collaborators is available only prior to posting the post. It will only show as a tag account on it until you delete the tag.

If at any point, you’d like to stop sharing the collab once you’ve agreed to it, click the “Stop Sharing” button beneath the post.

Making collaborative posts posting joint content on Instagram is a fantastic method to elevate your collaboration process to another level. If you’re a company or an author, there are endless benefits you can take advantage of. Be aware that you can work only with people that would like to work with you, as they must accept your request. Don’t make use of it as a way to send a message to an individual.