How to Divide in Excel

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How to Divide in Excel

In Excel Excel, you can divide a cell cells by cells, columns of cells, the range of cells using a fixed number, and divide with the QOTIENT.

Dividing with Divide symbol cells

The most efficient method of dividing numbers in Excel is making use of the division operator. Within MS Excel, the divide operator is an forward slash (/).

Divide numbers within cells, you need to begin a formula by using an ‘=’ symbol within a cell. Then add the dividend, then a forward slash, then the divisor.


For instance for dividing the number of people by four, you enter this formula into the cell for example: =23/4

Dividing Cells in Excel

For dividing two cells using Excel you must insert the equals sign (=) within a cell, followed by two references to cells with the symbol for division in between. For instance, to divide the value of A1 in the cell by B1, enter “=A1/B1” in cell C1.

Dividing Columns of Cells in Excel

In order to divide two rows of data in Excel You can apply this formula. After entering the formula into C1 as the cell (C1 in our example) Click on the small green square located in the lower-right corner of C1 to drag it down to cell C5.

The formula has been copied from C1 to C5 in column C. The column A was split by column B, and the formulas were then populated into column C.

For instance, to divide the A1 number by the number in B2, then to divide this result in the B1 number Use the formula shown as shown in the image below.

Dividing a Range of Cells by a Constant Number in Excel

If you wish to divide a set of cells within the column with the same number it is possible to do this by fixing the cell reference which contains that constant by adding the dollar$’ symbol to the front of the row and column in the cell’s reference. This will allow you to secure the cell reference to ensure that it will not change regardless of the location where you copy the formula.

As an example, we made an absolute reference to a cell by putting a $ symbol on top of the column’s letter and row number in the cell ($A$7). Then, you must use into cell C1 the formula to divide value of the cell A1 by the value of cell A7.

To divide a cell’s range by the same number Click on the small green square located in the lower-right corner of C1 then drag it downwards into cell C5. The formula is now applied to C1:C5 and C7 is divided into the range of cells (A1:A5).

Divide an entire column by the Constant Number using Paste Special

It is also possible to divide a cell by the same number using Paste Special method. To do this, click right on the A7 cell and copy (or use CTRL + C).

Then, choose the range of cells A1:A5 then right-click and select “Paste Special’.

Choose ‘Divide’ under the “Operations” and then click the OK button.

Cell A7 is now split by the number column (A1:A5). However, the original values of A1:A5 are changed to reflect the results.

Dividing Excel Excel by using the QUOTIENT Function

Another method of division in Excel is to use the function QUOTIENT. But, the process of the division of numbers using QUOTIENT will only return the indefinite number of the division. This function eliminates the rest of the division.

The Syntax for the QUOTIENT function

=QUOTIENT(numerator, denominator)

If the two number are divided equally with no remaining, the QUOTIENT function produces exactly the same result like that of the division function.

For instance 50/5 + =QUOTIENT(50, 5) gives 10.

However, when the two figures are divided by an remainder symbol for dividing yields a decimal number, while the QUOTIENT returns just the integer portion of the total.

For instance, =A1/B1 returns 5.75 as well =QUOTIENT(A1,B1) returns 5.

If you are only interested in the remaining portion of a division, and not an int, then make use of Excel MOD. Excel MOD feature.

For instance, =MOD(A1,B1) or =MOD(23/4) gives 3.

#DIV/O! Error

#DIV/O! error value is among the most frequent errors that are associated to division functions in Excel. The error message will appear when the denominator is zero or the cell’s reference is not correct.

We hope that this article helps you to divide your data in Excel.