How to Disable Chrome Profile Selector on Startup

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How to Disable Chrome Profile Selector on Startup

In the most recent version of Chrome it has a brand new Chrome Profile manager/picker screen that appears whenever you open the browser. It’s shown at the start of your browser by default however you can alter it within the window for selecting.

Chrome profiles aren’t brand new, and the old profile selector button that is located next to the address bar is exactly the same way, however the brand new user interface Chrome profiles that pops up each time you open Chrome will make it much easier for those who aren’t as tech-savvy users to start using profiles. It is helpful when sharing your computer with other people or just want to create various profiles for work and personal use.

But, the pop-up that asks you to choose the Chrome profile each when you start the browser may be irritating for those who, even though they have created multiple profiles, only use one profile for the majority of their needs. It is a relief to be able to remove the Chrome Profile manager’ window to not show on start-up.

To stop this Chrome Profile selector window from starting on startup, all you have to do is remove the checkbox that is right before “Show on startup” at the bottom-right corner.

After selecting the start option, you are able to select the profile you wish to use and then go about your business. It is now clear that the Chrome profile window should no longer appear each time you open the browser.

You can also shut down your Chrome Profile window by clicking on the icon ‘Close’ in the upper-right corner. You can then continue to use Google Chrome with the profile you used last time within the browser.

If you’d like to turn it back at startup, or simply need to access the brand newly-created Chrome Profile manager interface, then click on the icon of the in use Profile right next to the address bar, followed by the “Manage People’ gear icon to launch the new interface for choosing profiles.