How to Dim Chat Wallpaper on WhatsApp

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How to Dim Chat Wallpaper on WhatsApp

Reduce your wallpaper to create an even darker WhatsApp experience.

Have you ever wanted that your phone’s screen would get dark, even with your brightness level at an alarmingly low level? It’s unlikely that you will get this feature on your phone generally, but certain apps like the well-known messaging platform WhatsApp have considered the issue and have taken action to address it , too.

If you’ve been a frequent dark mode on WhatsApp and you want to dim the wallpaper of your chat will improve the experience. If, however, you’re an ‘Light’ mode user you can also join in, however after changing to the status of a “Dark moder”. We’ll guide you on how to change modes and enjoy the most out of the dark mode of WhatsApp.

Dimming the wallpaper is only available in dark mode. Light mode doesn’t have this option.

Enable Dark Mode Switch in WhatsApp

Start WhatsApp on your smartphone and then click the ellipsis symbol (three horizontal dots) in the upper right edge of your screen.

After that, choose “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Select ‘Chats’ on the screen ‘Settings.

Select ‘Theme’ as the first option available on the screen for setting ‘Chats under Display.

Press the radio button the middle of the option ‘Dark’ in the box ‘Choose theme’ which pops up, then press “OK”.

The wallpaper on your WhatsApp has been set in dark mode. Now you can dim your wallpaper or to learn how to dim your wallpaper.

Dimming Your WhatsApp Wallpaper

When you have your WhatsApp is set to dark mode, you’re in a position to use a brand new feature that dims your wallpaper. This is an extremely useful feature in case the wallpaper of your chat is too bright compared to the dark mode that engulfs it.

It can be used to conceal a private chat wallpaperor when sending screen shots. This feature lets you reduce the brightness of the background to a minimum and then completely black also. This is how to use it.

You can open any WhatsApp chat, and especially the chat that has to have a dark or dim wallpaper and then click the ellipsis symbol (three horizontal dots) in the upper right corner of the chat screen.

Then, choose “Wallpaper” in the drop-down menu.

Then you will be on the screen ‘Chat/Custom Wallpaper’ however there is a second dimming slider on the bottom. Drag, tap and let the toggle go to the desired level of dimness.

That’s it! You’ve officially reduced the brightness of your screen! You can now enjoy a dark mode that dims your wallpaper. We hope that you find our guide useful.