How to Delete Highlights on Instagram

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How to Delete Highlights on Instagram

You can easily manage your highlights Manage your highlights on Instagram by eliminating the entire highlight or specific stories.

Stories can only last for a short period of time, but thanks to Highlights, it is possible to display the stories on your page for much longer, perhaps even forever. Highlights can also help you arrange your posts into neat categories that allow new followers to see a glimpse of your personality.

You can edit them and add stories to them as you progress. If you decide that you no desire a highlight or story to appear in your account, then you can simply remove it. If you’d like to remove stories within highlights or even the whole highlight it’s fairly simple. Let’s look at how to accomplish both.

Deleting the Highlight

The deletion of a highlight erases any stories you may have added to the category. The stories will remain accessible in your archive which you will be able to view them. They can be added to a different highlight or create a brand new highlight by using the stories at any time.

Start the Instagram application on your smartphone and then go to the ‘Profile tab. You can access it by using the navigation bar on the bottom of the screen.

Under under the Edit profile option you’ll see all of your highlights. Select the highlight you’d like to erase. Tap then hold the highlight.

A menu overlay will be displayed. Click Delete Highlight to eliminate the entire feature from your story’s highlights.

An confirmation message will be displayed. Click Delete to confirm your selection.

Removing a Story from the Highlight

The removal of a story from highlights will remove it from view so that anyone who visit your profile and view the highlights won’t view it however it will be accessible within the archive. The story can be viewed in archive at any point and add it to the same highlight or a other highlight.

If you just want to eliminate a few stories from your highlight , while maintaining the highlight There are a variety of methods to accomplish that. You can choose and apply the method that is most suitable for your needs.

Method 1: Deleting a Single Story

Tap the story highlighter to reveal it.

After that, you can tap across the story until you reach the one you wish to remove. Once you’ve reached that story, click “More” in the lower-right edge of your screen.

A menu with overlays appears on lower right of screen. Select ‘Remove from highlight to erase the image or video you’re watching.

A confirmation prompt will show in your display. Select ‘Remove’ in the pop-up window to remove the entire story out of the highlight.

This story is removed from the highlights. This is a great option when you’re not certain what story you’d like to remove and you want to go over it prior to deleting it.

Method 2: Deleting Multiple Stories

You can also erase multiple stories at a move. Tap or hold down the highlight on your profile, then select Edit Highlight in the menu for overlays.

If you’re watching the stories that are highlighted then tap ‘More’ then select ‘Edit Highlight’ in the main menu.

Whatever way you choose to take, the editing screen will be displayed. Under the tab ‘Selected in the ‘Selected’ tab, all stories that are that are part of the highlight will be displayed in grid. Because these stories are included in highlights, they’ll already be highlighted by a blue tick next to the top.

Tap to uncheck the stories you wish to eliminate from the highlights.

After that you can tap ‘Done’ in the upper-right corner of your screen.

If you remove all stories, then tap “Done,” an alert will pop up asking you to erase all highlights. Click Delete to confirm.

Instagram has seen a significant change and has come a long way from its beginnings in which it was an easy platform for sharing photos. Today, with ever different ways to share your photos on Instagram and more options to share, it also gives greater control over the options available. The ease at the ability to control your highlights is an example of that.