How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify

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How to Crossfade Songs in Spotify

Choose your music to crossfade and have seamless transitions from tracks

Crossfading eliminates the awkward silence between songs. It’s a useful feature particularly if you’re listening to your Spotify songs in an place which isn’t able to afford those gaps between songs. Crossfade seamlessly transitions tracks and makes them nearly unrecognizable from one another.

On Spotify You can’t just crossfade your music, but also select the length that the crossover fades. You can choose from zero to 12 seconds of duration for the transition. This is how you can crossfade your music across both of your Spotify devices: computer and mobile.

Crossfading Songs in Spotify on Desktop

Start Spotify on your PC and then tap your username in the upper right-hand edge of your screen. Select “Settings” in the dropdown menu.

Scroll to the bottom of the window ‘Settings’ to locate an option for Advanced Settings. Click this button.

First Advanced Setting is ‘Playback’ The first setting in this section is “Crossfade”. Select the toggle next to “Crossfade” to change green, thereby enabling the setting. Tap and drag the white button on the slider that is next to the word ‘Crossfade’ to alter how much fade you’d like to have between your tracks.

The time you select for crossfading will reflect at the conclusion of the track. The next track will start at a certain amount of seconds ahead. For example, if you select a crossfade that is 7 seconds the current track will be finished 7 seconds prior to time, and the new track will start immediately. This means that you will cross fade to your new track.

Crossfading Songs in Spotify on Your Phone

Start Spotify in your smartphone and click the Settings icon (gear icon) in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

You can scroll down a bit on the page ‘Settings’ to locate the section titled “Playback. The first option to set is “Crossfade”. Move the slider between OFF as well as 12 second intervals to adjust the duration of crossfade you prefer.

The songs you have selected will crossover according to the time you select.