How to Create and Save Tab Groups in Chrome

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How to Create and Save Tab Groups in Chrome

You can give your daily tasks in the browser some time to relax with saved tabs in Chrome.

With the ease of web applications, the majority of items that were previously an independent app locally on your computer can now be downloaded and accessed through the browser on your personal computer.

Although the convenience came at an expense, increased browser-based apps meant more tabs, which resulted in more clutter. To help clear the clutter and provide a more user-friendly experience, every major browser has introduced tab Groups’.

Like the name implies tab groups enable users to effortlessly group together homogenous tabs in order to keep everything in order and make it easier for you to locate the tab you want from 50 other tabs.

To benefit from the ease of tab groups You can save them to Chrome and then open them at a later time if you’re in the mood to do this.

Before we get into saving some tabs, we should take an overview of how to make one.

How to Create a Tab Group in Chrome

Making a tab group in Chrome is an easy task. It’s fast, simple and straightforward. In terms of effort, most of the time will be spent finding the tabs to group together rather than creating a template for them.

In the tabs that are open within Chrome Click on the right-click icon of the tab you want to include in an existing group. Then, select the ‘Add tabs to a new group’ option.

Then, you’ll be asked to enter the name of your tab group. Enter a suitable title for your tab group, then press Enter at the keyboard for confirmation.

Technically the tab group has been established, but the group has to be made up of multiple entities.

So, from the various open tabs in Chrome click on the tab you want to join the group you’ve made. Then, click on the ‘Add tabs to the group’ button and click on the name of the group tab for the group name to include it.

That’s it! You have successfully created a tab group on Chrome. Repeat the process to add additional tabs in the group.

How to Save Tab Groups in Chrome

As of the date of posting (20th October, 2021), the Save Tab Group feature available in Chrome is an experimental feature, and is only accessible through using the Chrome Flags Menu.

Allow the ‘Tab Groups Save’ flag in Chrome.

To begin, open the Chrome browser on your desktop, the Start Menu, or the launchpad on your device.

Then type or copy and paste the address below into the address bar of Chrome and press Enter.


After that, select the tab Groups save’ choice in the menu and then click the next drop-down menu. Then, select the option ‘Enabled’ to activate it in the device’s browser.

It is possible that you need to restart the Chrome browser to activate the feature to allow the changes to be effective. Relaunch the browser by clicking the button located in the bottom right-hand edge of your Chrome browser to do this.

Saving Tab Groups in Chrome

The process of saving a group in a tab on Chrome isn’t an artifact of. Actually, it just requires a single click after you’ve activated the feature in Chrome’s flags.

To save the Tab Group in Chrome, first click on the right-click icon next to the open Tab Group name and then turn on the toggle switch beside the option to save group to save it for future use.

That’s it people the tab group you made is saved and you’ll be able to access it when you shut down the group, or even close and then reopen Chrome.

How to Access Saved Tab Groups in Chrome

Chrome lets you quickly start the save tab group when you have had closed the tab and want to return in the future, or in the event you’ve relaunched Chrome.

To do this, open the Chrome browser on your desktopor Start Menu as well as the Launchpad of the device you are using.

Then, click on the downward arrow icon just next to the button that minimizes. After that, find your tab group in the section ‘Recently closed’ and click it to restart the tab group.

The ability to store Tab groups to save tab groups in Chrome will significantly increase productivity for numerous users. Users who are not professionals can use it to save tabs open in Chrome by creating groups and saving them.