How to Create an Ebook in Canva

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How to Create an Ebook in Canva

Create and design your next bestseller using Canva’s eBook tools for creating your own eBook

“eBooks are notoriously difficult to create”“eBooks are notoriously difficult to create” – that’s the impression most people have about the format. However, in reality, this is far from the reality. If you’re a writer contemplating self-publishing or a business owner looking to make use of eBooks to aid in marketing, don’t shirk away from this amazing format.

Contrary to popular belief it is not necessary to be an author or graphic designer to design an eBook. Canva allows you to create visually appealing eBooks. With its templates and drag-and-drop features that it doesn’t matter if you’ve created a book a day earlier you or never. You can design a professional-looking ebook that will be appealing to the eye.

When you’re creating an eBook, you may want to design a cover for your book and the text portion is completed or you’re looking to make a complete ebook from beginning to end. With Canva you can accomplish both of these tasks easily.

Creating a Complete eBook in Canva

You can either go on on your browser or download the application. Click the search bar and type in ‘ebook’. In general, when you type a word into the search box it will suggest that one of the choices that pop up is the one you’re looking for. Clicking it will open the template for your desired category. However, in this instance the only suggestion that pops up is the ‘Ebook Cover’. Instead of clicking it, all you need to do is hit Enter after you type “ebook”.

This will open up templates for eBooks across all kinds. Certain templates include multiple pages, and one of them will be what we’ll be searching for. While you could create your own eBook by hand, starting by using a template can make things simpler and quicker.

Click on a template that you like. If it contains more than one page, it will indicate this in the lower-left area of the thumbnail. If the template contains four pages, for instance it will say “1 of 4 pages” and then they’ll begin previewing within the thumbnail.

Select the ‘More’ button (three-dot symbol) and then select “Preview this template” to view it on the big screen. Click ‘Use this template to use it directly.

The template will be loaded into the editor. While the template may not contain many pages – in this instance there are only 4 but it’s an excellent starting point. There’s a cover page probably one that’s an Index page, perhaps an epigraph or a back cover, epigraph, as well as a few pages that contain information (chapters and the like). You may decide to throw out or modify every page.

The template’s entire layout can be customized. Let’s begin by introducing the page that will be our cover.

From images to text, you can alter everything to create your own. You can also make use of the images that are included within the template. Be aware that if the image isn’t available for free, you’ll need to pay for it. You may also make use of your logos or images instead of using Canva’s library of content.

This is also true for the other pages. There are a lot of design elements available in Canva including graphics and images to filters and fonts – explore all the options when creating your ebook. Vectors can also be used or pull quotes. The possibilities are almost infinite.

It’s equally crucial to adhere to a specific theme or design, so that it does not appear like a mix of various elements that have been gathered randomly. Every page in your eBook could be considered an individual design page and you can style it just like any other type of post in Canva.

To expand the pages of your book, you may duplicate pages and edit it to suit your needs. For instance that the book requires more pages that tell the story. In this template, you go on page 4, and then click the “Duplicate” button to create a duplicate page. The Canva eBook can contain up to 100 pages.

After you’re done you’re done, click the Download button to download the eBook.

Choose ‘PDF’ from the available file types. Under Pages, make sure to keep all pages selected , unless you do not want specific pages. After that, click the ‘Download button.

To create a book that has many pages, begin with a brand new design. Visit the Canva homepage and go to ‘Your Designs’. Click on your eBook design and then select the three dots menu.

Select the option to ‘Make Copy’. Copy From the choices.

When you create the updated copy you can edit the pages in line with your needs. For instance, there’s no need for an introduction page in this version. Download the ebook as a PDF after you’ve completed the design. Then, you can combine both PDFs.

Creating Only the eBook Cover in Canva

If you’re currently writing an essay, novel or short story novella, non-fiction, novella recipe book or recipe book, etc. If you’re only looking to create the cover page of your ebook, you’re able to also do it. The cover is among the most important elements that your work. Although almost everyone has heard the phrase, “Don’t judge a book by its cover,”pretty all of us do it in varying levels. Therefore, having a stunning cover is essential to make a good first impression.

Visit the Canva homepage, and then search for eBook. This time, click “Ebook Cover” when it appears under suggestions.

Templates for eBook covers will be available. Canva offers templates that cover a variety of categorieslike romance, thriller cookbook, inspirational stories and more. Explore these templates until you find one that is suitable for you.

If looking through the templates is inundating without any categorizing of genres, then select the ‘Create a new cover for your eBook Click here.

Within the Canva editor the left-hand panel offers the option of Templates. Click on it, and enter the genre’s name into the search box to narrow down the templates.

There will be an ‘Wattpad cover’ category as well as an “For You’ section (based on your previous choices).

The template you select can be totally customized from image to text and everything in between. Each component will appear separately in blue, while the groups are highlighted with dots. You can also alter the font or color of the elements, without altering the font or color of the elements.

Once you’re finished you’re done, click the Download button to download the cover as a the format of PNG (suggested), JPG, or PDF formats according to your requirements.

Will the eBook Have Page Number?

One of the biggest issues that people are often faced with when creating an eBook is the layout for the number of pages. Naturally, this is in the forefront when you create one using Canva. Does the ebook you design using Canva include page numbers as printed books? The simple answer is no. It’s a good thing.

You can manually input the page number on every page if you wish to. However, unless you’re making an eBook with a fixed layout isn’t recommended. The majority of eBooks are reflowable layout. As such, sizes of fonts or the screen could change based upon the gadget and setting. This means that the content of the contents of each page could alter as well.

For an eBook that can be reflowable If you’ve made an index and added chapter page numbers the reader may not be able to locate the chapter that’s on the page due to device or setting variations. This can lead to disarray and confusion.

Therefore, it’s best to not include pages with page numbers, or at the very least, an index that has pages with page numbers listed alongside the chapters in an eBook that can be reflowable. If you’re planning to convert your eBook to an standard eBook format, you should definitely do it.

eBooks are an excellent device in the digital age regardless of whether you’re planning to publish your fiction or non-fiction online or you’re looking to promote your business. With Canva you can create eBooks with ease. You can also collaborate with others or design while on the move with the mobile application. Canva simplifies the entire process into simple.