How to Create a Similar Playlist on Spotify

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How to Create a Similar Playlist on Spotify

Create playlists that are similar to your existing ones with no exertion on your behalf.

Spotify allows you to create playlists that are similar to ones you’ve created previously. This feature is useful for those who want to have the same music to be played in the new playlist. However, it’s all done in a short period of time.

In addition, it’s an excellent opportunity to discover similar music, as Spotify has music that is that is similar to that of the playlist. You can also add intriguing tracks you find here to your existing playlist.

The ability of creating similar playlists only available on the desktop version of the Spotify application. However, you can play these similar playlists on any device once they’ve been created in the desktop application. This is how you can create playlists that are similar to already created playlists.

NOTE: This feature works only with personal playlists created by you. It is not available for publicly-available playlists i.e. the playlists created by other people.

Creating Similar Playlists on Spotify Desktop App

Start the Spotify desktop application on your PC and then search for the playlist you’d like to create to create a similar playlist for. It is possible to create similar playlists using the playlists on the left through your library or by visiting the playlist’s page.

Method 1. When selecting a playlist from the playlists on the left Double-finger tap or right-click on the playlist. Select the ‘Create Similar Playlist option in the contextual menu.

Method 2. To select the playlist from your library, first select the “Your Library” option at the top left corner of the screen. Select the tab ‘Playlists’ on the right.

Browse through your list of playlists and choose the one you’d like to create a similar version of for. Double-tap or right-click it, and choose ‘Create similar playlist in the menu.

Method 3. Start the playlist using one of the methods above. Click on the ellipsis icon (three vertical dots) beneath the information of the playlist.

Choose ‘Create similar playlist in the contextual menu.

It will be immediately an identical playlist waiting for you. It will contain nearly the same amount of tracks as the first playlist. The name will remain of the parent playlist , with sequential numbers for identification. However, it will lose certain information, such as the description. However, you can modify the same playlist.

You are also able to create similar playlists based on the new similar playlist. Click the ellipsis symbol (three vertical dots) beneath the information of the playlist that is similar to it.

Follow the steps previously explained by selecting the ‘Create Similar playlist’ in the menu.

It is possible to create several similar playlists. However every similar playlist could contain a few tracks that overlap with previous similar playlists or with the parent playlist.

Making similar playlists is efficient in terms of time. On a more fundamental level, it’s a great way to discover and enjoy new music and artists. Even though Spotify manages the same playlist, you will still receive the credit. The same playlist will be named after you if you use it to share with others.

We hope you find our guide helpful. Have fun creating!