How to Create a Club in Clubhouse

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How to Create a Club in Clubhouse

We’d haven’t heard of Clubhouse until a few months ago, yet we’ve spent hours using it since joining. While it’s a chat-only audio application, users are glued to it, and the number of users has grown exponentially.

Clubhouse is an excellent platform for connecting with people from all over the world. Rooms can be joined and connect with people who share your interests. Another way to connect with others is to create an online club. In the past members had to sign up for a club and then wait until it was approved. But, with the 5th of March 2021 upgrade, members are able to now create Clubs in the application.

Many users were eagerly awaiting this update since Clubhouse was slow to accept the request. Additionally, there was no understanding of the issue by Clubhouse prior to this, leading to confusion among users.

Creating a Club in Clubhouse

To start an account for a Club in Clubhouse, tap on your profile photo in the upper-right corner of the Clubhouse Hallway. If you do not have posted a display image the initials of your profile are displayed within the section instead.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page where clubs are listed, and then click on the “+’ button on the right.

The “New Club window will be opened and will contain all the sections that need to be filled in before you can start an organization.

Then, type in the ‘Club Name’ in the top section. The name of the club cannot be changed at a later time, so be careful when choosing a name.

Then, press the toggle to grant permissions, if needed. All of these are optional and can be off. Then, click on ‘Topic The last section.

Choose up to three subjects from the list to make it easier for people to understand what the club is about, and to increase the reach of the club.

The final section is for the description of the club. Input the purpose of the club as well as any other pertinent details you’d like to include. Make sure to keep the description short and clear as people don’t like to read lengthy descriptions.

Once you’ve completed each of the sections After that, click on “Create” in the upper-right corner.

The Club has been created and you are able to begin inviting others to be members of the club. Clubs are an excellent method of engaging with a specific audience, and rooms that are hosted by clubs typically are more popular with people.