How to Clear Cache on Spotify

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How to Clear Cache on Spotify

Easy steps for clearing cache from the Spotify app.

Cache on Spotify allows you to play and load music quicker, without buffering or delays. The part of the memory that Spotify uses for the free Spotify user keeps track of the history of listening and assists in the smoothness of listening. For premium subscribers, the cache saves downloads and allows offline listening.

If the cache is filled and reaches its maximum capacity chances are that it will impede the smooth operation. It’s possible that you’re hearing the same songs, but without successful shuffling. Songs and artists that are regular to you may replace those you don’t hear often and result in a routine. The Spotify app might not be loading properly, and there could be delays when listening, buffers, etc.

Whatever your concerns are about Spotify’s malfunction clearing the cache could aid in removing the issue. This could prove to be one of the methods to get the functionality of your Spotify return to the normal great appearance. Cleaning your Spotify cache can also make room to store more information. This is how to clear your cache in the Spotify desktop and mobile apps.

Clearing Cache on Spotify Mobile App

Start Spotify on your smartphone and then tap the Settings option (gear icon) in the upper right edge of your screen.

Browse through the screen ‘Settings’ to locate and tap the section titled ‘Clear Cache’.

There will be a prompt for you to confirm your selection. Click the Clear cache option in the green.

The Spotify cache is cleared immediately in your mobile app.

Your downloads will not be affected while clearing cache.

Clearing Cache on Spotify Desktop App

The process to clear the cache in your Spotify desktop app isn’t as simple as it is in the mobile application. There isn’t a ‘clear cache’ button on this page. You’ll need remove the cache manually on your computer in order to show the same in the Spotify desktop application.

Start the Spotify application on your device and then click on your username in the upper right-hand edge of your screen. Choose ‘Settings’ in the contextual menu.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen titled ‘Settings’ to locate and click the “Show Advanced Settings” button.

Go to the Offline Storage Location’. Then, follow the route to the location that is mentioned in this article to erase the Spotify cache from your desktop.

After you have deleted Spotify’s cache on your desktop, the desktop application will start to download it too.

This is about clearing your Spotify cache. This process will clear the space, making it easier on Spotify. Although your downloads will be unaffected, Spotify may still need to download files after cleaning the cache.