How to Change your Profile Picture on Zoom

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How to Change your Profile Picture on Zoom

Make sure you look your best at Zoom meetings, even if your camera isn’t working.

If you’re using a social media website or a professional one including a photo of yourself on your profile can add a lot of personalization to your messages. The ability to change or add your profile picture on Zoom is also the same function. When you use Zoom your profile image could be replaced by your own image if you decide to not turn off your camera during a video conference and also in private chats that are 1:1 and also.

To alter your image to change your picture Zoom desktop application as well as your mobile device, you need to follow the same steps, except for a few variations that will be explained below.

Change Your Picture in the Zoom Desktop Application

To alter your image on the Zoom Desktop it is necessary to the zoom feature in your browser. It is however recommended to launch your desktop application to begin the process.

After you have launched Zoom after launching it, click on your profile image in the upper-right corner of Zoom. This will open the Zoom window. In the menu that expands choose My Profile.

This will lead to an launching of Zoom login page on your web browser. Enter your login information to log in to your account.

After logging in After logging in, after logging in, your Profile settings page will automatically be displayed. The previous profile photo along with the option to change it or delete appear under the tab Profile under the Personal section. Select the option ‘Change’ to continue.

A screen titled ‘Change Picture’ will appear. It is possible to upload a brand new profile image on your device via this screen by pressing the “Upload” button.

After clicking upload, a window that allows you to choose the image you want to upload will open.

After choosing the image you want to use on your desktop, click the open button located at the lower right. The image will be uploaded to zoom, allowing cropping and saving.

Make your image cropped according to your preferences and then click “Save”.

This will update your profile photo on your Zoom account. This will reflect wherever you use Zoom and includes the Zoom phone and desktop apps.

Change Your Picture with the Zoom Mobile App

The procedure to change your profile picture in the Zoom mobile application isn’t any different. In the beginning it is necessary to begin by launching Zoom on your smartphone and then at the bottom, select the ‘Settings’. After choosing settings, choose the first tab that displays your basic profile details (with the name of your email address on it).).

The ‘My Profile’ page will open. Choose the ‘Profile tab, which is your first choice on this page.

When you select the ‘Profile Photo Option The “Change Profile Photo’ pop-up will show up on the screen. Choose the option to choose a Photo from the options available.

You can choose the image to upload via Zoom using your smartphone. Once you have selected a photo that you want to share, the only thing you need to do is cut the picture according to your preferences and then click ‘OK’.

Voila! Your profile photo will be updated to match your Zoom account via the mobile app on your device. You can see the appearance of your profile on mobile the mobile or desktop apps, as well as any web browser.