How to Change your Name in a Webex Meeting

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How to Change your Name in a Webex Meeting

Change your name to match the event you’re scheduled to attend.

Some people don’t like having their video playing at all times during meetings. The beauty of virtual meetings is that you are able to switch off your video. In these instances the name you use in the meeting will become your sole identity.

Naturally, you’d like to choose a name that people are familiar with. Perhaps you have an informal name or maybe your middle name, and you’d like to use it in an event. If you’re using the Webex Meetings application, you must be aware of the ways you can change your name. Webex is a difficult to use. Let’s go through the steps and look at all the nuances that are involved with it.

You can change your name during the course of a Webex Meeting?

First , let’s get started. Let’s tackle the most important question : can you change your name in the course of a meeting? You can’t change your name when you’re in a meeting on Webex.

There’s an difference, however, people who join Webex meetings as guests are able to change their names on meeting screens. However, even the name change, they are able to change their name after requesting approval to participate in the event.

The inability for you to alter your identity during the course of a meeting is to protect you. It can become a bit chaotic when people begin changing their names in the middle of the meeting and it becomes difficult for the host to monitor.

However, this doesn’t mean you aren’t able to change your name in any way. You can alter them prior to the start of a meeting. While you’re technically able to change the name while in an ongoing meeting, modifications to the name won’t be visible during a meeting.

Change Names from the Desktop

If you are using Webex on the Desktop or the mobile application it is possible to change your name on both.

Changing Name for Webex Users

Webex users are unable to change their names using their Cisco Webex Meetings app. Instead, they must connect to their meeting room via the browser.

To access your Webex meeting room via the internet all you needed to do was visit and then select Webex Meetings rather than Webex Teams. However, things are different today. To access the meeting room, you have input the address of your meeting space, as is the only way to login to Webex Teams now. The URL for your meeting space will be unique for you, and it is accessible in the desktop application.

Input the URL of your meeting space in the browser, then log into your account.

Keep your eyes on Home by clicking the navigation menu to the left.

Click on your name in the right side of the screen. Then click on the downward arrow that is next to it.

Click on My Profile from the menu.

After that, you can click on the ‘Edit My Profile’ button.

You can change your Last and First names. You can leave them as they are. Select the option ‘Display Name’ and type in the name you’d like to use in meetings.

After that, press the ‘Save Click Save.

Changing Name for Guests

The guest can change their name prior to requesting to join the meeting, regardless of whether they join via the desktop application or browser.

If you are joining an event as a guest, Webex will ask you to input an email address and display name. address prior to proceeding to the screen for joining.

If you have entered the wrong name, or change your decision later, you are able to modify your name. When you are on the screen to join look to the upper-left corner where your name will be displayed. Click the Edit button beside it.

The ‘Enter your Information screen will be displayed once more. You can change your name and the email address you use. After that, click the ‘Next button’ to continue. Then, click the ‘Join Meeting Click the ‘Join Meeting’ button.

Change Name using the Mobile App

If you are using Webex on your smartphone to participate in meetings while on the move it is not necessary to open the web browser to do this simple job. The app for mobile will allow you to change your name with just a few clicks.

Changing Name for Webex Users

Start your Webex Meetings app on your smartphone and sign in to your account. Tap the Settings icon in the upper-left right-hand corner.

Click on “My Account” in the settings.

Click on the option “Display Name’.

The screen for Display Name will appear. Make any changes, then click the Save button.

NOTE: When changing your name using the Webex mobile application, there is no separate choice for your First or Last Name as well as Display Name. The Name, First and Last Name is the name you can edit in your Display Name option. However, this is the name that will appear in any meetings you attend following this.

Changing Name for Guests

If you’re attending an event as a guest on your smartphone, you can only join the meeting using the Webex Meetings app , and not via a browser. However the procedure for changing the name is exactly the identical to the process for desktop users.

You can alter your name on the ‘Joining screen’, but only after you’ve asked to be admitted to the meeting or been accepted to attend the event. Click the Edit button right next to your username on the screen for joining.

The Edit Information dialog box will open. Change the information, then click ‘OK’ to save them, then take part in the discussion.

You now know what you can do to change your name on Webex Meetings you may even have a blast should you wish to. However, don’t expect too much enjoyment when attending an event as a guest, or you may not get a chance to enter.