How to Change Webex Background

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How to Change Webex Background

Cisco Webex desktop client gets virtual background support, too.

Virtual Background is one of the most popular features within the video conferencing industry. Each video conference application that did not have it was has rushed to acquire it. Today, Cisco Webex has added to the long list of applications that have added capability of Virtual Background and Background Blur to their application following extensive rallies by the users.

Webex’s Webex’ iPhone and iPad applications have been using the feature of a virtual background for a while, and now, users can utilize it in the desktop client to join Webex meeting using Windows as well as Mac computers as well.

Update the Webex Desktop App to Get Virtual Background Feature

You need to upgrade your Webex Desktop client to the most recent version available in order to utilize the virtual background feature in Webex Meetings.

  • For Windows: You need Webex version 40.7 or higher.
  • on macOS: You need Webex version 40.6 or higher.

To upgrade Webex to the most recent version, simply click the gear icon ‘Settings’ located on the right of the bar with the name. Then choose the ‘Check for Updates’ choice from the menu.

After upgrading the Webex desktop application however, it could take a couple of days for the virtual background to appear on your browser as it is just beginning to be released and will require some time before reaching the point of full availability.

Furthermore the system needs to be in compliance with the requirements. If you are using an Mac you must run macOS High Sierra (version 10.13) or higher. Also, it must include a processor that has at least two processors.

To be eligible for an Windows operating system to qualify, the PC must be 2012 or a older Windows 10 system that has the Intel Sandy Bridge or AMD Bulldozer processor or later.

How to Change Background in Webex Meetings

You can alter your background either prior to joining the meeting, or even during.

To create a virtual background on Webex prior to joining an event, click on the “Change Background button’ on the screen you will see prior to hitting the Join or Start Meeting button. The option to change the background is only accessible on the preview screen when the camera is turned on.

Select one of the pre-set pictures from the dropdown menu to switch your background to an actual background in Webex. You can also opt to “Blur” your background using this menu. When you first select one of the options, the background will begin to download. After the download is completed you are able to make use of the background.

You can also choose an image from your computer to make it the background. Click the ‘+’ button, then select an image that is on your computer.

To alter your background in the course of a Webex session, go to your self-view and click the menu icon (three horizontal dots). Select ‘Change Virtual Background in the menu that pops up.

Camera settings will appear. Select from the options to either remove your background from blurring or to replace it using a pre-set image. Choose the image you have on your personal computer. After that, click ‘Apply’ once you’re done, and the participants in the meeting will be able to view your new video, with the modifications.

Cisco Webex will also remember the meeting you have chosen for the future So you don’t need to repeat the procedure each time. You can now take part in meetings using Webex without worrying about there being anything too distracting or embarrassing from your surroundings and concentrate only on the task that are at hand.