How to Change the Background Color on Instagram Story

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How to Change the Background Color on Instagram Story

Whatever story you’re telling This guide will assist you alter the background color for it.

Sharing basic stories on Instagram is becoming boring. It’s all about being imaginative and creating the most appealing visuals you could. One way to be creative is to utilize backgrounds that are colored to match your narrative.

Although there’s no easy method to add background colour to your story, inventive solutions are available. Don’t be concerned. There is no need to exert too much effort, even if these are solutions. If your story is comprised of photos or videos, or text with stickers changing the background color is simple, even though the methods are different. Let’s get started.

Change the color of the background for story using Video or Photo

The majority of the time we share images or videos in Instagram stories. Instagram stories. Today, Instagram lets you adjust the size of your video or image to ensure that it doesn’t completely take up the entire screen. If you decide to resize it, Instagram automatically picks a transparent color that is closest to the image on the screen as the background color.

However, if you’d like to alter the color of this it’s not an option. We’re grateful for solutions however. This is as easy as it gets.

Click the option ‘Your Story’ or swipe left to go to the screen for sharing. Select the picture or video you wish to publish from the camera roll.

Click the three-dot menu located in the upper-right corner the screen.

After that, tap “Draw” from the overlay menu that pops up.

Drawing tools will be displayed in your computer screen.

Two drawing instruments that you can use to create the background color. The one is the pencil which will give you an even color on the background. The other is the highlighter color which will provide a transparent background. Use the tool in accordance with your preferences.

It’s now time to select your background’s color. You can choose one of the colors from the palette that is located at the lower right of the screen. swipe left to view more colors. You can also make use of the color picker tool to pick a color from the image the photo itself. To make use of the color picker simply tap it to turn it on and then tap any area of the image to select the color you want.

Hold your finger and tap wherever you want to. The color you select will be reflected across the entire screen within some minutes. In this case we have selected the highlighter tool and consequently, the color we chose is translucent.

The problem is that the color will be able to cover the entire photoor video you have utilized. There are two options available to you. You can choose to use either the eraser tool, or the option of a sticker.

Utilizing using the Eraser Tool. The eraser tool is able to work regardless of whether you choose an image or video to share. However, it is unclear and may require a few attempts to figure it out. Select ‘Eraser’ on the toolbar on top.

After that, carefully erase the color that covers the photo or video, leaving the colors to be a background color. Don’t be afraid to utilize your Undo option to make sure you get the right result. You can also experiment with creating patterns and erasing instead of defining straight lines.

Utilizing the option to stick. If you want to share a picture of the story, you could use the “Sticker” tool. However, if the goal was to upload a video, the eraser tool is the only choice since the sticker tool can only upload photos.

Click ‘Done’ to end the drawing tool.

After that, swipe upwards onto the display to reveal the ‘Stickers’ tab or click the ‘Sticker’ icon from the toolbar on the right. Scroll through the panel of stickers until you come across the option ‘Photos.

The camera roll will be open. Select the image you wish to share. Make use of two fingers to shrink the image and drag it using one finger to place it wherever you want in the display. You can also upload multiple photos with this feature.

NOTE: If you’re sharing an article to the world, this technique will work in addition to changing the color of the background. Furthermore, it only alters the background color when you share the post, and does not overshadow the content. Therefore, you don’t need to utilize to use the Eraser software to render your post accessible.

Change the background color in the Create mode

Apart from sharing photos or videos Utilizing the Create mode to create stories is another common usage of this feature. When you’re in the Create mode, you are not able to share images or videos however, you can share text or polls, timing devices, GIFs, etc. When you’re in the Create mode to tell the story of your life, then you are able to modify the color of your background. Dare I say that it’s even easier.

Swipe left to open the screen for story and then tap the “Create (Aa) button.

The page to select the story’s template will be displayed and it’ll be a gradient background. To switch to any of the other gradients, or white and black backgrounds click the ‘Circle’ icon in the lower right-hand edge of your screen.

If your template and background color have been selected then tap the shutter icon to apply them.

Tips: If you want to use the gradient backgrounds as backgrounds for your image then you can put the image as a sticker to the above the templates. This will effectively hide the template.

If you don’t want to use these pre-set backgrounds, you could employ the drawing tool, as described in the previous section to choose any color you want for your background. When you are at the screen with the choices to share your story, click the three dots menu and select the drawing tool.

Choose the background color and then hold and tap your screen for a few seconds until you see the background change. Similar to posting a blog post using the “Draw” tool to alter the background won’t obscure the content displayed on the screen, so there’s no additional steps to follow that require an eraser.

The color of your background can alter the whole look the story. This guide should assist you in sharing stories using stunning background colors in no time.