How to Change Presence Status on Twitch

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How to Change Presence Status on Twitch

Set a status presence manually and secure your activities on Twitch.

You’re on Twitch streaming, checking for videos or simply updating your channel. You want to continue without interruption. There are no whispers, there are no chat streams, and no conversations on the channel. However, there is no DND mode available on Twitch. You can, however, change your status and turn off and still be the exact opposite.

Status changes or changing your status on Twitch basically means that you have to manually go offline or online, whenever you want. Twitch will automatically show the status as offline when you’re not on the platform. However, do you have a method to remain offline when you’re online and engaged on Twitch? Yes! Here’s how.

Notice: The presence status you have set for one Twitch device is going to be reflected across all of your Twitch devices.

Change Presence Status on Twitch Mobile App

Twitch mobile app Twitch mobile app offers three statuses of presence: visible, online (offline) and busy. The desktop version only provides the three statuses – the first two. Because a status change made on one device is carried over to the other Twitch gadgets, users are able to select to turn off ‘Busy’ on your phone, and then use the same status for the desktop app too.

To alter your status as a presenter via the mobile app, tap the icon for your profile located in the upper right corner on your Twitch screen.

Choose the “Set Presence option from the menu that appears.

Tap to select your status from Busy online, Invisible, or Busy. The tick mark beside the choice will show you the option you have chosen.

The status of being busy online indicates your username using the red dot that indicates “Busy”. This status indicates that you’re online, and your activities will continue being shared , but with a busy presence.

Change Presence Status on Twitch Desktop App

Change your status of presence in the Twitch desktop application is incredibly simple. It only takes just a few milliseconds to switch between an active status and an offline one. On the desktop application, you only have two options – offline and online.

Click the button for your profile in the upper right edge of your screen. A menu will appear. Select the toggle next to “Online” from the menu.

You’ll now be offline in the desktop application. Usually, the option to share your activity is gone and then it turns off too. To reconnect just click the “Online switch once more.

This is how you can remain active and technologically connected on Twitch and not let your followers, friends, and your peers know. We hope that you find this guide helpful in understanding how to create an automatic presence for the Twitch device.