How to Change Microsoft Teams Camera Settings

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How to Change Microsoft Teams Camera Settings

Set your camera’s settings each time you open Microsoft Teams

The most important aspect of holding meetings using any of the video conferencing applications is figuring out the video aspect. Understanding how to set your camera settings prior to join a meeting is crucial for a seamless meeting experience.

Luckily, changing the camera settings within Microsoft Teams is rather easy. In general, you don’t need to alter your camera settings frequently. However, if you have several cameras on your system, or perhaps utilize a virtual camera, you’ll need to alter the settings of your camera in that situation. It doesn’t matter if are new to the field and changing these settings shouldn’t be difficult in any way.

Changing Camera Settings Before a Meeting

To alter your camera’s settings prior to a meeting, simply click the ‘Profile’ button on the title Bar on the Desktop application.

After that, choose “Settings” in the contextual menu.

The Microsoft Teams Settings window will be opened. Select ‘Devices’ from the navigation menu to the left.

Scroll down and you’ll see the option “Camera”. The camera currently in use will be displayed in the menu dropdown. Click for more options. All camera options will be displayed on the menu dropdown. Choose the camera you wish to make use of. You’ll also be able to view a preview of the video feed of the selected camera within the Preview window that appears below.

Changing Camera Settings During a Meeting

It’s a good idea to alter the settings of your camera prior to your meeting to ensure that there won’t be any bumps in the road. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to do so. you shouldn’t alter the settings of your camera during a meeting.

Click on the camera icon in the toolbar for meetings and hover over it. Be sure to hover and not click it as clicking will turn off or on the camera.

The new options will be added beneath it. To switch the camera select the drop-down menu, and then select the camera you wish to make use of. There is also an exclusive preview for the device you select from the menu.

In the event that your Microsoft Teams isn’t updated, you can alter the camera settings in another manner in the course of your meeting. Select the ‘More Actions’ button (three-dot menu) on the toolbar for meetings.

Select “Device Settings” from the menu that pops up.

The screen to manage Device Settings will appear on the right. Click on Camera and alter the settings of your camera from the menu dropdown.

Here you go! Making changes to your camera settings in Microsoft Teams is as easy as a pie. Even if you don’t prefer to keep your camera in, when you do, be sure to be aware of your camera’s settings to appear professional during meetings.