How to Change Margins in Word

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How to Change Margins in Word

Margins are the spaces between the contents of the page and its edges. By default, the Word documents have 2.54 centimeters or 1 inch margins.

You can alter the default margin to suit your requirements. You can choose any of the margins that are preset or create a margin using your own values.

Change Margins in Word

To begin to begin, you must start by opening the Word document on your desktop or in the cloud. After that, click on the tab ‘Layout’ on the menu bar at the top.

Clicking on the tab ‘Layout’ will open the ‘Page Setup’ options , such as Margins, Orientation, and more. Select ‘Margins’ to view the margins that have been pre-defined from the menu dropdown. You can choose any of them, if they meet your needs.

If you are unable to locate the margins you require to set, you can create custom margins using your personal value. To create custom margins, select ‘Margins’, then select ‘Custom Margins’ …’ on the end in the menu drop down.

The page will be displayed in the ‘Page Setup’ dialog box, which has the default settings (2.54 centimeters) as margins for the page. Adjust them according to your requirements and then click the OK button.

The value ‘Gutter’ in the margins represents the space that is not usable since it is bound when the documents are printed. If you want to alter the values for ‘Gutter’ and ‘Gutter position’, you are able to input the desired value and position.

The margins on your page will alter based on the value you inputted.

How to Set Custom Margins as Default

If you’re in an issue where you have to alter the margins of pages for each document you make it is easy to set these margins custom by default, and you will reduce time and effort.

NOTE: You can set the margins you want to use as default in your Desktop application. There isn’t an option on Cloud Document.

The procedure of setting custom margins for default is the same as changing margins on a page until you input the new values into the Page Setup dialog box. Start Word on your computer and then click on the Layout tab. Click on the ‘Custom Margins’ tab …’ and then enter your own custom margins.

When you have entered the customized value Instead of pressing ‘OK’ then click ‘Set As default’.

There will be a message about the new default margins. Select the “Yes” button.

When you open a Word document, you’ll be able to see the margins in accordance with the margins you have selected as the default.