How to Cancel Course Hero Subscription

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How to Cancel Course Hero Subscription

It is easy to cancel the Course Hero subscription if you do not require it any more.

Course Hero The web-based learning system, has been an ideal study tool for many college students. With its extensive collection of educational resources and tutoring assistance it has assisted a lot of students in their journey to college graduation.

You may also have purchased an Course Hero subscription to help in your research. Perhaps you’ve realized it’s not the best fit for you. Perhaps your course has ended and you don’t require its assistance any more. No matter what the reason the main issue is that you have to end the subscription to your Course Hero subscription. Here’s what you should be aware of.

Can you Cancel the Subscription at any Time?

Cancelling the cancellation of a Course Hero subscription is pretty simple. Course Hero subscriptions are recurring and therefore there’s no issue as a one-time fee. Based on the plan you signed up to either monthly, quarterly or annually the plan automatically renews at the conclusion of each calendar year.

If you signed up in a monthly plan, Course Hero would automatically debit the credit card associated with your account towards the close of the month to be used for the following month. The same is true for the annual or quarterly plan.

You are able to cancel the subscription anytime at point prior to the next recurring fee. If you purchased the annual membership, you are able to end your subscription at any time prior to when the subscription period ends and expires to avoid any charges for the following year. Your account will be converted to the Basic (free) account after the subscription period, however you’ll still enjoy the advantages of your premium membership up to the time you cancel.

The cancellation of the subscription only ensures that you don’t get charged for the following period. The service doesn’t reimburse any of the recent or additional recurring charges.

The cancellation process typically takes up 7 to 7 business days to be effective It’s a good idea to cancel your cancellation in advance of the next billing period. Any remaining fees or debts from your end must be paid prior to cancelling in order for it to be effective.

Does Course Hero offer a Refund?

There’s a possibility that you didn’t end your subscription before the expiration of the current term. You’ve received a bill for following period, even though you don’t intend to use it. Naturally you’re wondering if you are eligible for an exchange.

Course Hero offers the option of a refund on renewals provided you’ve not utilized all of the unlocks or have any questions. In addition, you must not violated the Terms of Service. Refund requests are handled within one working day.

The easiest way to determine whether you are eligible for a reimbursement is to get in touch with Course Hero’s Course Hero team and request a refund via the form for customer support.

What is the Better Grades Guarantee?

Course Hero also offers a refund under their Better Grades Guarantee. With this guarantee you are able to request an exchange for the Course Hero premier subscription already utilized. If you didn’t achieve an increase in GPA during the time you used Course Hero as compared to the prior term when you didn’t use this platform, then you may be eligible for the refund.

There are some conditions, however. You have to request an refund within six months after registering as a paid subscriber to Course Hero. Within this time you must also have utilized Course Hero by unlocking at minimum 6 study resources or asking 3 tutoring questions.

Course Hero may also ask you to prove your grade by providing a copy of your transcripts for the most recent term.

How to Cancel the Subscription?

Although the ability to use Course Hero on different platforms is among its best attributes, it’s not the case when it comes to cancelling the subscription. You are able to cancel your subscription in the same way that you purchased it, namely from Course Hero’s Course Hero website, iTunes, and Google Play Store. You can’t cancel the subscription on your iOS device, if you have upgraded using the browser.

Cancelling Subscriptions from the Web

If you are a subscriber on Course Hero, go to the Course Hero website, go to from your browser and sign into your account.

After that, click on your profile’s icon in the upper-right corner, and then go to “Account Settings From the menu.

Click the “Stop Recurring Membership Click the ‘Stop Recurring Membership’ button and follow the instructions on screen to end your subscription.

Canceling the Hero Subscription to Course on an iPhone device

In the event that you have upgraded your subscription using Course Hero, the Course Hero iOS app, you are able to cancel your subscription through the account you have created on your iTunes account. You can cancel it on any iOS device, such as your iPhone or iPad regardless of the device you upgraded to from. The only restriction is that you must be logged in to your account with the same Apple ID you used to purchase the subscription.

You can unsubscribe via either Settings or through the App Store.

Start the App Store and then tap the Profile icon at the top right corner of the screen.

After that, select the option to subscribe.

To access it through within the Settings app, simply tap the Apple ID name card at the top.

Then, go to ‘Subscriptions’.

The list of all your subscriptions, both current and the past ones, will be displayed. From the subscriptionslist, select the link for “Course Hero’. After that, tap “Cancel subscription” to cancel the Course Hero premier subscription and return to a basic account.

Cancelling the Subscription on an Android Device

Similar to that in the event that you upgraded your account using the Android application, you are able to only cancel your subscription through on the Play Store. Go to the Play Store and log in to the Google account that you used to purchase the subscription.

After that, tap the Profile corner at the top-right edge of your screen.

A menu will open. Click on ‘Payments and Subscriptions in the menu.

Further, go to ‘Subscriptions’.

In the subscription list available Go to the ‘Course Hero’ tab and then start it. Then, tap ‘Cancel Subscription’. An acknowledgement message should be displayed. Tap “Cancel” to confirm.

The cancellation of your Course Hero subscription will revert to a basic account. The cancellation will not erase the account you have created on Course Hero. If you do decide to remove an account on the site, you can’t do it until you have cancelled your subscription, if you’re a premium member.

In addition, the removal of the account you have created with Course Hero doesn’t remove the documents you upload to Course Hero. To delete the files you’ll need to get in touch with Course Hero’s Course Hero team.