How to Cancel a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

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How to Cancel a Meeting in Microsoft Teams

Make sure to cancel meetings before the time to avoid appearing like an idiot.

It’s a standard practice in the workplace to plan meetings in advance. This gives participants an advance notice that they are in the know, and allows them to remain on their schedules for the event. However, as crucial as scheduling a meeting can be equally important, it’s equally important to inform them if the meeting is cancelled.

Microsoft Teams makes it uncannily simple to cancel meetings that you’ve scheduled through the application. You are able to cancel a meeting if you are the organizer of the meeting. If you’ve been asked to be a part of a conference and you want to cancel it, you must remove the event from your calendar, but not to cancel it.

There are two kinds of scheduled meetings: standalone meetings as well as regular meetings. Let’s look at how to stop every type of meeting using Microsoft Teams.

NOTE: If a scheduled meeting is not attended by participants, there isn’t any way to cancel the meeting. However, since there aren’t any attendees, there is no have to inform anyone about the cancellation. Therefore, it doesn’t be logical to cancel the meeting.

Canceling a Standalone Meeting

Start Microsoft Teams and then click on the tab ‘Calendar’ in the navigation menu to the left.

Go to the event you wish to cancel, and then click the button.

A brief menu of options will appear. Select Edit.

The meeting’s details screen will appear. Click the “Cancel Meeting button in the left-hand corner.

A confirmation prompt will be displayed. You can also add a cancellation note to the attendees of the meeting however it’s not required. Click the button ‘Cancel Meeting.

The meeting will be removed from your calendar. Microsoft Teams will also notify attendees of the change.

NOTE: Canceling a meeting via Microsoft Teams only works for Microsoft 365 users. If you’re a Microsoft Teams free users, you’ll need to notify those you’ve have sent the link to about the cancellation. Also, you must delete the meeting so that no one is able to join the meeting in the event that they don’t receive the notice. Click on the tab for meetings. Click the ‘More Options’ button (three-dot menu) and choose “Delete” from the choices.

Canceling a Recurring Meeting

There are also meetings that have a scheduled repetition. If you are considering cancelling these meetings There are two aspects to think about: whether you’d like to cancel just one meeting event or the entire sequence.

Cancel a Single Meeting Occurrence

If you wish to cancel one event, click the Calendar tab and select the event that you wish to cancel.

After that, press the Edit button. A drop-down menu will open. Choose Edit occurrence from the choices.

Meeting details will be displayed. After that, click the button ‘Cancel Meeting’ in the upper left corner.

There are a couple of options will be available. Select ‘Cancel the occurrence’ from the choices. If you decide to change your mind at this point you can also decide to cancel the entire series by clicking the ‘Cancel Series’ button.

An confirmation message will be displayed. Include a cancellation note in the event that you wish to. After that, click the “Cancel Event” button to cancel the meeting’s occurrence. Microsoft Teams will notify the participants.

Canceling the Whole Meeting Series

If you prefer to end the entire series of meetings visit the Calendar tab and select any of the meetings in the Calendar.

Click on the Edit button and choose ‘Edit Series’ from the drop-down menu options.

The meeting’s details will be displayed. Select the ‘Cancel Meeting’ option. If you edit the series, there will not be a choice asking you to end the event or series. The series will be cancelled in one click.

An confirmation message will be displayed. Include a cancellation note for attendees of the meeting If you wish to include an individual message regarding the cancellation. After that, click on the “Cancel Series” button.

The entire series of meetings will be cancelled, and meeting attendees will be informed of the change.

Cancelling a meeting to ensure you don’t annoy other attendees time is as important as organizing meetings. It’s a good thing that Microsoft Teams makes it very simple to cancel any kind of meeting, and it also informs all attendees involved during the process.