How to Blur Background on Microsoft Teams

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How to Blur Background on Microsoft Teams

If you’re worried about the background of the background of a Microsoft Teams call, this guide can help you find the best way to solve the issue!

Microsoft Teams is one of the most effective in terms of collaborative platforms available. Following recent events, collaboration platforms are now essential to streamline our routine of life and work. We might have accepted the new norm and tried our best to adjust nearly everything to fit into the study or work schedule however, everything needs some privacy, video calls are included.

A lot of times, people aren’t comfortable showing their video backgrounds for other participants to view on calls. Unfortunately, most do not have the option of hiding their camera, and only speak in audio. However, Microsoft Teams allows you to remain on video and safeguard your background at the same at the same time. How? by blurring out the background. This is how you can utilize this feature of Teams to benefit you.

Blur Background on Microsoft Teams on Desktop

Blurring your background takes hardly less than a minute. But a background that is blurred will only draw attention on you and make you look at your best. Teams also gives you the option of blurring backgrounds prior to joining or beginning calls. If you’d like to always have a blurred background, this is what you should do.

Blur Background Before Joining the Call

If you’re calling then click on the ellipsis symbol (three horizontal dots) in the upper left corner in the Team window. Then, choose “Apply background effects” from the menu of options. Now, you can view all background effects on the right.

If you’re attending an event, simply click the icon for ‘Background effects’ right next to the toggle for ‘Microphone. This will bring up the ‘Background settings’ tab on the right.

NOTE: Camera toggle must be turned on to allow the background effects option.

Then, click on the tile ‘Blur’ for blurring your surroundings. Teams will detect the surrounding area and blur it while highlight you.

NOTE: You can only apply background effects to modern processors that can support AVX2. If you are unable to find the option ‘Blur Your PC might not support this feature.

Click the “Apply” button in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to confirm the call.

If you’re attending an upcoming meeting, click on the “Join Now” option to sign up for the event.

You’ve now blurred the background. The viewers will now be able to see the blurred background in your video.

Blur Background After Joining the Call

If you feel that you need blurring your video background during a conference call it can be done with just a few clicks.

Click on the same symbol (three vertical dots) like we mentioned earlier. After that, select the “Apply background effects” option in the menu for overlays. This will bring up the ‘Background settings’ tab on the right.

In the panel, find then click the “Blur Tile.

Click the ‘Apply’ button in the right-hand side on the display to verify the blurring of your background. The effect will be immediate.

Then, click the “X” (close) icon just below the button ‘Leave’ to close the panel ‘Background settings.

Blur Background on Microsoft Teams on iPhone

If you’re participating in an event or video call with a handheld device and want to reduce the noise, Microsoft Teams has got you covered here too.

Blur Background Before Joining the Call

If you’re participating in an event, on the screen ‘Join Now click on the option ‘Background effects’ on the upper right-hand side of the video frame. This will bring you to the preview screen.

Click on the “Blur” tile on the options grid for blurring your background.

After that, press the button ‘Done’ on the right-hand side to confirm the change and close the background effects window.

There is an image of blurred background inside the box that shows previews. Click on the “Join” button for joining the conference. The call will start with a blurred background.

Blur Background After Joining the Call

Blurring the background in calls is slightly different than blurring the background prior to it. But, in no way is it more complicated.

To accomplish this, simply click on the ellipsis symbol at the bottom of the call that is in progress. This will open the overlay menu.

Then, select the option ‘Background effects’ in the overlay menu to access an overlay selection menu.

Tap the tile labeled ‘Blur’ from the area of selection to blur the background.

NOTE: While on the background selection screen, viewers are unable to view your video on their screens.

Then, click on the “Done” option in the top of the right-hand corner to confirm the choice and close the window.

Your PC as well as iPhone backgrounds during the Microsoft Teams video call are now blurred, and no one can clearly see the background.