How to Block Someone on Telegram

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How to Block Someone on Telegram

Stop annoying members and fraudsters on Telegram from your contact list or Telegrams privacy settings.

Are you really annoyed by their constant messages on Telegram? Someone is trying to trick you into believing that they are trying to sell their products via Telegram. God knows there are a lot of fake Telegram accounts available, and new ones are added every day. There are also numerous fake CEO profiles created on Telegram created from fraudsters. To be fair, Telegram also has a channel that allows you to identify scammers by sending them an emailusing the hashtag “@notoscam”. Send images of your conversations that contain usernames of scammers, or messages that appear suspicious to the channel. They will handle it.

Whatever the reason may be If you wish to block someone from Telegram you are at ease since Telegram doesn’t send messages to the person blocked. There’s no need to be concerned about causing offence when you block them. It’s fairly simple, here’s how to accomplish it.

Blocking users on Telegram

Blocking an individual on Telegram can stop them from sending messages, media or even calling you. You can remove them at any time you wish. There are two methods for blocking contacts in Telegram.

Option 1: Remove someone from the Telegram Contacts List

If you wish to remove someone from your contact list, follow the steps below.

Start the Telegram app and then tap on the three horizontally lined menu.

Click on Contacts and then ‘Contacts’ to access your contacts.

You can now go to the person you wish to block and then tap it. On the homepage, you can simply scroll down until you find the name you wish to block and tap on it.

Open the contact and tap on the name or picture that belongs to the individual you wish to block.

Click on the three dots menu in the left-hand side of the screen.

You can simply click the button ‘Block user’.

A prompt window will pop up asking whether you are sure that you’re not blocking?. Select ‘BLOCK USER’, and you’re done.

Unblock Someone on Telegram

If you’ve had an emotional shift and want to remove the contact that was blocked Follow the same steps and then click “Unblock”. After that, you are able to talk to each other once more.

2. Block unknown users from Telegram’s Privacy Settings

If the user who is causing trouble isn’t in your contact list, you can make use of Telegram’s Privacy settings to stop the user.

Start the Telegram application on your device Go to the menu, then click “Settings”.

If you need to scroll down, select ‘Privacy and Security’

After that, click on “Blocked Users” under the Privacy settings.

In the ‘Blocker User’ settings Click on the ‘Block User button.

You can now scroll through your chats and choose the chat you want to block. Simply tap the name of the chat thread and then click “BLOCK USER”.

If you block someone on Telegram, they won’t be able to reach them anymore. They would not be able to see your profile photo as well as your ‘last seen time’ won’t be displayed to them. This is the same for the time someone blocks you on Telegram. It is only with these indicators that you can discern whether someone has blocked ‘you on Telegram.