How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage

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How to Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage

Are you finding it difficult to type web addresses? Find out how to add shortcuts to Google Chrome’s homepage. Google Chrome homepage and keep your most visited websites at a single click!

We all have the websites that we frequent and the effort required to enter the address of the site, over and over repeatedly, is more irritating than exhausting.

Fortunately, Google Chrome provides you with the possibility of adding an address bar for often visited sites to the Chrome homepage for ease of access.

If you’ve been putting down the URL of your preferred site using your computer or smartphone, it’s the perfect time to learn how to create a shortcut to it in Chrome instead.

Add Shortcut to Google Chrome Homepage on Desktop

There are two methods Google Chrome lets you have shortcuts to the homepage. You can choose to self-edit and add shortcuts to specific websites you wish to visit or Google Chrome will curate a list of shortcuts based on the amount of times you visit websites. Let’s look at both options.

Then, start Google Chrome on your Windows or macOS device, either via the taskbar or dock that is specific to your device.

Then, on your Google Chrome homepage, click on the “Customize Chrome option located at the bottom right-hand edge of your screen.

Then, go to the tab ‘Shortcuts’ in the left-hand side on the pane that overlays.

To self-edit your shortcuts to websites Click on the tab ‘My shortcuts’ or, if you want to let Chrome manage your list, select the ‘Most visited websites’ option.

After you’ve selected the option you prefer After you have made your choice, click the button ‘Done’ in the lower left corner in the pane overlay.

If you select the ‘Most visited websites choice, the list will be automatically updated with the help of Google Chrome. If you’ve selected the self-curation option to include shortcuts in Google Chrome, you will be able to view the unfilled shortcuts in Google Chrome’s homepage. Google Chrome homepage.

NOTE: At present Google Chrome can only support the maximum of 10 website shortcuts that are available on the Homepage.

To manually add shortcuts Click on the tile ‘Add shortcut’ located on the home page in Google Chrome.

Then, you can give an appropriate name to the shortcut you want to create. Then, either enter the URL or paste it into the area provided using a copy from a different tab’s address bar.

Then, click the button ‘Done’ in the lower right corner of the pane . This will include the site in the shortcut on your Google Chrome homepage shortcut.

Edit Shortcuts on Google Chrome Homepage on Desktop

There is the number of shortcuts that you can use in Google’s Google Chrome homepage, there are times where you do not need an existing shortcut and you want to substitute the shortcut with one to another website.

To access the menu to do this, simply select the menu for kebabs (three horizontal dots) from the existing shortcut tile.

Then, select the option to edit shortcuts in the menu overlay.

Then, change the name of the shortcut, and then input the URL for the site you want for the shortcut to be replaced.

After all the information has completed, simply click on the button ‘Done’ in the lower right-hand edge of the pane overlay.

When you click the button ‘Done’, you’ll be able to access and use the modified shortcut in Google’s homepage. Google Chrome Homepage.

Adding Shortcuts to Chrome Homepage on Mobile

Shortcuts for mobile web behave slightly differently from the shortcuts on desktop. If you were able to curate your shortcuts to particular websites, that option is not available on mobile devices.

This basically means that the only way to get shortcuts on mobile devices is to let Chrome manage it according to the frequency with which you visit the sites.

Another thing to consider in addition to the lack of control of shortcuts by hand is that you can only have eight shortcuts for mobile devices, instead of 10 when compared with desktop computers.

To provide relief from this baffling circumstance, Google does provide a directory of shortcuts, namely “Top sites” that contain the majority of shortcuts to websites that fall into categories like Entertainment, Social, Games, Sports and News Shopping’ Travel, ‘Banking and Education’ and even “Jobs”.

Although the ‘Top websites folder shortcut doesn’t seem as useful as self-curated shortcuts for websites, however, from a shortcuts perspective it’s a good addition that will meet the requirements of users.

Cut Shortcuts off of Chrome Homepage on Mobile

You might not be able to add manually shortcuts, but you can certainly remove them manually if you ever need to.

To do this, you must first start Google Chrome on your Android or iOS mobile device.

Then, press long on the shortcut on Google’s homepage Chrome. After that, tap the option ‘Remove’ on the menu.

After removal, a new website shortcut based on the amount of time on the site will automatically added to the list of shortcuts available on the homepage.