FIX: Clubhouse SSL Error

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FIX: Clubhouse SSL Error

Are you experiencing an SSL error while using the Clubhouse application? It is easy to fix the issue using the Xfinity app If the ISP you use is Comcast or using mobile data, or a VPN.

Clubhouse, a music-only social networking application, has been gaining huge popularity over the past few months. As it is still in its beta-testing phase, Clubhouse wants to limit the number of users who can use the app, so you can only join by invitation.

One of the main reasons the app has received praise from users across the globe is its refreshing idea and easy and simple interface. There are currently more than six million CLubhouse users across the globe. Many users from various parts have complained about being unable to connect to the app, and getting the error message.

A SSL problem has been encountered, and an attempt to secure the server is not possible to establish.

If you’re getting this error message It could be because of a variety of reasons. In this article, we’ll assist you in fixing the problem.

Fixing Clubhouse SSL Error

There are three easy ways to correct the SSL error that occurs when you open Clubhouse.

Blocking Clubhouse on Comcast’s Xfinity App

If you’re connected to Comcast Xfinity, there is the possibility you’ve noticed that Xfinity is blocking Clubhouse according to many users. Let’s look at ways to remove it.

  • Start the Xfinity app on your smartphone.
  • Find the phone’s (iPhone) name in the app, and then tap on it.
  • Then, look up “Suspicious Site Visit’, underneath it will be the words “1 Threat”. Click on “Suspicious Site Visit’ in order to allow access to Clubhouse.
  • Then, click on ‘Threat History on the lower right on the display.
  • Now, you will see that Clubhouse is block by Xfinity. You can disable Advanced Security to deblock Clubhouse as there isn’t an option to unblock it individually. it.

Moving on Mobile Data from Wi-Fi

Sometimes when an encrypted connection cannot be identified and an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) error message will appear. If the issue is on the provider’s side Try changing on Mobile Data from Wi-Fi to determine if the issue has been solved.

Click on Settings on your home screen on iPhone.

Next, tap on ‘Wi-Fi’ in the Settings. Turn off the Wi-Fi toggle switch.

When Wi-Fi is turned off The color of the toggle will change from grey to green.

Go again to Settings and then select “Mobile Data” from the menu options.

Click on the toggle to switch on mobile data.

Try opening the Clubhouse application and check whether it functions as expected. Most of the time it will but if you are encounter the SSL error Try the following fix.

Using a VPN

A VPN will easily fix this SSL error. Installing and downloading an VPN through the App Store and then installing it will let you connect to the Clubhouse application.

Click on the ‘App Store’ symbol on your home screen to launch it.

Click on the search box located at the top, type in ‘VPN into it, then press “Search” on the keyboard.

Then, search for ‘VPN – Proxy Unlimited Shield’ within the results of your search Then, tap the downward-facing ‘cloud’ Arrow’ icon on top of it. If you’ve never downloaded the application in the past then tap the option to download similar to.

Once the app has been installed and downloaded, click on the ‘Open’.

The VPN application will start, then, click “ACCEPT AND CONTINUE” at the end.

You can choose the premium option at the bottom of this page. Or, If you’d prefer to continue using the free version, click on the cross symbol on the upper-right.

You will then be taken back to the home screen in the application. It will display “DISCONNECTED” at the lower left. Press the Power button to turn on VPN.

Click ‘Allow’ in the box for permission. Now, you must sign the authorization process with your fingerprint or Face ID depending on the settings on your phone.

Once the VPN is set up The app will show “Connected” under the power sign. both the text and sign will begin to glow.

You can also verify whether the VPN is active VPN by using the bar that shows status. When the VPN is active and the status bar shows a message that has the identical name will appear on the bar in which you can see status.

You are now able to access Clubhouse by using any of the solutions listed above. It is however recommended to contact the internet provider you use to find an ongoing solution.