FIX: Camera not Working in Webex

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FIX: Camera not Working in Webex

Don’t let others miss being able to see your beautiful face at gatherings. Try these tips to make your camera work

Many people are making use of Cisco Webex to hold video meetings and to connect online over the recent months. Webex is the application preferred by a lot of users because of its security and features. provides.

However, whether you use Webex to join online classes, office meetings for school, or simply to stay in touch with your family and friends The main benefit of these applications is the possibility of an actual face-to-face connection. We want connection, even though we don’t connect physically right this moment video is the closest thing. If something happens to this dimension then there’s not any point in it to be found, is there?

But fret not. There are plenty of solutions you can test in the event that your video ceases functioning on Webex. Let’s go through the list and determine what you can do.

Make sure that Webex has access to the Camera

If you’re using the desktop application as well as the Webex web application to join meetings via your web browser Webex requires access to your camera in order to show your video. Without access, there is no video, simple as that.

You can access the Windows settings via the Start menu or using the Windows logo key + the i’ keyboard shortcut. Next, click on the Privacy option and click it.

Select ‘Camera’ in App permissions in the menu navigation on the left side to access camera settings.

The first step is to make sure that in the ‘Allow access to camera of this device’ section it states that camera access for the device is turned on’. If it’s not then you’ve identified the culprit. Windows will block cameras until this feature is turned on. Click the “Change” button to enable it.

Go to “Allow apps to access your camera’ option and ensure that the toggle is turned on.

Scroll down, and ensure that the toggle for ‘Allow Desktop applications access to the camera’ also turned on.

Even if camera access is turned on the camera, these components are as important as other native Windows or Desktop applications that require this permission to connect to your camera.

If your using Webex web application on your browser, you’ll need ensure that the Webex website has permission to connect to the camera. There’s a possibility that you’ve blocked this permission. After you’ve joined the meeting in the browser, click the lock icon located on the left of the address bar. After that, choose “Allow” in the dropdown menu beside the camera option.

Verify that no other app is Using the Camera

It’s quite simple two apps can’t use the same resource at the same time. If another application has already used your camera Webex will not be able to connect. If your camera doesn’t work in the Webex meeting, ensure there isn’t any other application that is able to access it is in background.

If your camera has an LED that lights up when it’s being used it is possible to seek assistance to determine if the camera is being used. Stop the Webex meeting to ensure that the light doesn’t turn lit due to Webex connecting to the camera. If the light remains visible after you’ve ended the meeting, it’s likely that some different app is accessing the camera. Find it, shut it down, and then go back the Webex meeting.

Check Your Anti-Virus Software

The possibility of someone spying on you remotely using your webcam is now one of the most tragic reality of our times. It’s a blessing that Anti-Virus Software has responded to this and the majority of them have Privacy Protection features to safeguard your privacy. If enabled, it will block internet access. Therefore, you must ensure that your anti-virus software isn’t the one responsible for all the trouble.

Since every antivirus software comes with distinct interfaces and controls A general guide is not feasible to disable webcam protection.

Restart your computer and install Webex

Before proceeding it is recommended to test the oldest method that is in this book, which involves restarting the computer. Restart the computer and verify that the camera is working.

If not, remove Webex and then install it once more to rid yourself of any corrupted or damaged files which could be the cause of the chaos. It may seem like easy solutions, but the majority times they are effective. If you’ve tried them before then skip this step and move forward. It’s time to pull the big guns ready.

Run the ‘Hardware and Devices’ Troubleshooter

You’ve tried the fixes above and checked that there’s nothing hindering connection to your camera. It could be that something is wrong in the camera itself. The ‘Hardware and Devices’ Troubleshooter will help you to determine if this is the case.

Start the Command Prompt on your PC and then execute the below commands exactly the way it appears:

msdt.exe -id DeviceDiagnostic

When you press Enter after pressing the Enter key after you type or paste the command above, the window to troubleshoot Hardware as well as Devices will appear.

Follow the steps in the display to finish the troubleshooting procedure. If there’s an issue with the camera, it will come to light and the Troubleshooter will give you how to fix the issue.

Re-register the Camera Device

If the issue persists Don’t fret. There are a few tricks we have in our arsenal to help. Re-registering your camera can basically perform the same thing as restarting your computer. The old trick of restarting is a classic! It works the majority of the times, so what’s the risk in trying it. Right?

Click on Start Menu button and choose Windows PowerShell (Admin) From the menu that opens.

A user account control prompt for you to click on will pop up asking if you want to let this application [Windows PowerShell] to make modifications on your computer?’ Select ‘Yes’ to continue.

A console window for Windows PowerShell will open. Copyand paste the following command with care to ensure that there aren’t any changes , and then press the ‘Enter key to execute it.

Get-AppxPackage -allusers Microsoft.WindowsCamera | Foreach Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register "$($_.InstallLocation)AppXManifest.xml" 

Stop the PowerShell application and verify that the camera has started to work or not.

Update the Camera Drivers

Drivers are a vital part of the equipment required to ensure that everything functions as it should, but the majority of us haven’t given them any thought. This is because Windows generally handles this for us and updates drivers automatically. However, the possibility that a crucial driver update might have been missed isn’t that unlikely. It could happen and could be the cause of the issue in your situation.

Click the right-click button and then launch the ‘Device Manager in the menu.

It’s the Device Manager will be displayed The Device Manager will open, and you’ll see an overview of all devices that are on your system. Look for ‘Cameras’ in the list, and then click the arrow beside it to open the camera device(s) that are available.

After that, right-click the camera you are using and choose “Update Driver” in the contextual menu.

A window will appear. Choose the ‘Search automatically for the latest driver software’ option. If a more recent update to the driver is available , but a Windows update was not able to download it, the Device Manager will install and download it.

Reset the Camera Hardware

This is more than an Hail Mary approach in the event that nothing else works. If this method doesn’t bring your camera back to life or not, you’ll have to go to a repair shop. Start the Device Manager next time and then go to the camera device , and click it with a right-click. Select “Uninstall Device” in the drop-down menu. An acknowledgement message should be displayed on the screen, then click on OK.

Then, click on the Action option in the Menu Bar at the upper right of your device Manager and click on it. Select ‘Scan for Hardware changes in the menu.

Allow the scan to be completed and then restart your computer. This process can reset the Camera Hardware. Visit Webex and verify if this resolved the issue.

If the previous solutions didn’t work it may be something that is outside your capabilities and requires professional attention. Also it could be the right time to pay the repair store an appointment.