Do I Need to Download Webex app to Join a Meeting?

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Do I Need to Download Webex app to Join a Meeting?

It’s all dependent on the location you’re attending the group from!

While working from home was a privilege that only a handful of people in particular sectors could boast about but it soon became the norm this year because of extraordinary circumstances. Individuals who had never had encounters with any video conferencing software before in their lives needed to learn how in a matter of minutes.

Many of the older apps were a hit on the market and quickly established dominance and a myriad of new apps began appearing, due to the necessity of providing an avenue for millions of users to connect.

Although the fact that Cisco Webex Meetings isn’t a brand new application in the Cisco Webex ecosystem however, due to its complexity it’s not surprising that a large number of users chose to stay clear of it. However, when you meet with someone else, possibly an individual client, requests you to join on Webex, you can’t remain away any longer. If you’re looking for a way to join a meeting via Webex You’re in the right spot!

If you’re Joining the Meeting on Desktop

If you’re working on your desktop and you want to attend an online meeting using Cisco Webex, do you have to download Cisco Webex’s Desktop Client? You don’t. When you click on the link for the meeting and it asks you to launch the desktop application or download it if do not already have it. However, it will allow you of joining the conference using your browser using the Web application.

It may appear that downloading the app is your only option, however the option to join via the browser is hidden toward the lower. Click on the “Join using your browser’ button to go to the Web application and join the meeting immediately. It may take for a couple of seconds for the browser option to show.

In certain instances in some cases, instead of the page above, a webpage that has a ‘Join Meeting button that has an upward arrow beside it could be displayed. Click the arrow to open the menu, and then select ‘Use Web App to join the meeting’ from the choices. Click the Join Meeting’ option to connect with the group via the web browser.

If You’re Joining the Meeting on Mobile

If you want to join an Cisco Webex meeting via tablets or mobile devices it is necessary to install the Webex Meetings application through either the App Store as well as on the Play Store. If the app is downloaded on your smartphone, pressing the link for the meeting will open the app. If it is not installed, it will open an internet browser page and ask for you to install the Webex Meet app. Install the app, and then follow the link to join the meeting for the opportunity to sign up.

There is no need to sign up for an account in order to join an Webex gathering. Simply provide your name and email address, and you’ll be able to enter the lobby of the meeting. Your name will help the organizers of the meeting to identify you and let you in to the meeting. If you’re attending the meeting via your computer or mobile device, the information of not needing an account is the same.

That’s it everyone! You now are aware of how to join an Webex meeting, and whether or not you require an app to join the meeting. A word of caution that, even though you don’t require the desktop application to join an Webex meeting, you must install it if you are going to anticipate joining many meetings in the near future. It’s simpler to use.