Clubhouse Invites Guide: Everything you need to know

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Clubhouse Invites Guide: Everything you need to know

Learn the way Clubhouse Invites function before you send invitations to all of your contacts.

Clubhouse is the newest entry to the social media game. It’s in its beta stage and is only available on iPhone currently. Another reason that has led to its success is exclusivity. New users can join only after an app user offers them an invitation.

The application has received such a a huge feedback from users around the world, more and more users are joining the app. According to a report from a few months ago, Clubhouse has crossed the 10 million downloads worldwide mark. The highest number of downloads has been recorded within the USA(2.8 million), then followed by Japan(1.5 million) and Russia(0.78 million).

But, not everyone is aware of the meaning behind the invitation to Clubhouse. This article hope to provide as much information as we can on the subject.

How do I Get Clubhouse Invites

If you sign up to Clubhouse at first, you’re provided with two invitations to share with other members. After that, Clubhouse may give you additional invites if you’re actively using the app, engaging with other users and moderating or hosting rooms, or inviting other users to join the application.

If you happen to have to cancel invites There is a high possibility of Clubhouse adding more invites to your account. It is important to remain active and be a part of or host chats.

How to Know if Clubhouse has Added Invites

If Clubhouse allows invites on your account, you will get a notification of the invite on the upper right-hand corner of your screen. You can also look up the notification in the appropriate section by clicking the “Bell” icon in the upper-right corner. This will open the notification section in which you can view all notifications in the app.

Where can I Check the Invites

If you’ve received an email about the invitations that were assigned for your accounts, you are able to examine them and begin adding users on your list. To verify invites, click on the “Envelope” icon on near the bottom of your screen.

There is a list of invitations in the upper right. You can use the search box that is right below it that allows you to search as well as invite contacts to join the Clubhouse. Your contacts will also be displayed beneath it, should you’d like to choose one instead of searching for it.

How Many Invites Does Clubhouse Add

Clubhouse will add between 3 invitations for your accounts based on the activity you have made and your contribution towards the site. Invites are added to your account so you can attract more users to Clubhouse in a planned way.

Things to Remember When Inviting Someone to Clubhouse

Because the invitations available on Clubhouse are not unlimited and you must be cautious when you send one. There are many things that could be wrong when inviting someone and you may end up throwing away the opportunity to invite them.

If you are sending someone an invitation, ensure that the number you are sending them is accurate. There have been numerous instances of invitations being sent to numbers they didn’t plan to. You should ask the person you’re inviting them to verify their contact number. If you have stored two numbers on the same contact, Clubhouse will prompt you to select one, however in the event that there are two distinct numbers choose the one that is appropriate.

Clubhouse app is only available for iPhone and iPad. Clubhouse app is available only on iPhone and iPad at present, so make sure that the person you send an invitation to is using one of the two. If you invite someone who is an Android user, the invite isn’t worth it because the app isn’t available in the Playstore.

To invite someone to join Clubhouse You must keep their number as a contact on your phone. Clubhouse doesn’t have the option of inviting someone simply by entering their phone number.

Will Others Know if I Invited Someone to Clubhouse

If an invitee joins Clubhouse There will be a section of their profile that states the fact that you invited them as well as your personal name added with your account. The information you provide will be made public and users are unable to conceal it. The concept behind this is to reward users for inviting other users to the platform, and to make them member of the group.

Invite Someone Using Their Email Address

You can’t invite someone with the email address they have. A phone number is required to sign up to Clubhouse. Anyone you invite may however sign up and authenticate their email address after joining the platform.

Clubhouse on iPad

The Clubhouse application is designed to be used on the iPhone however, users can use it on the iPad too. But, you’ll need a phone number in order to register on Clubhouse. The app functions exactly the same way on iPad as it does on iPhone however there are reports of issues with the orientation and scaling.

Invite Spent on Clubhouse

If you visit the invite section and click on the ‘Invite’ icon next to an individual, the invitation is accepted even if you do not send the invitation. After you’ve tapped the “Invite” icon and invited the recipient, they can download the application through the Playstore and then enter their number to register.

Invite Sent to a Wrong Number

If you’ve sent an invitation to the wrong number and not the individual you wanted to send it to, you can’t undo the invite. If a mistake has been made, there’s no way to fix it, other than to use the invites that remain to draw people to the platform.

Invite Sent, But Not Received by Invitee

In the event that the individual you invited not able to join and is not able to sign up, verify the number that the invitation has been sent. If all is well but they’re still not able to sign up for Clubhouse then go to the form and fill in all the information correctly, and send it along with the other pertinent information. A couple of photos of the error you encountered can to speed up your resolution. Include your name and the address of who who you have invited on the form.

Following this post, you should have gained a bit of knowledge about the idea of inviting people as well as the challenges you may encounter. It is now possible to bring more people onto this wonderful platform, and also have additional invites on your profile.