How to See Everyone on Microsoft Teams in a Gallery View

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How to See Everyone on Microsoft Teams in a Gallery View

View a gallery of all the participants in Teams

Microsoft Teams in Office 365 is a tool for meeting that can be used by numerous organizations and remote teams. It doesn’t matter whether you work from home or remotely. If you have an internet connection that is working, you’ll be connected to everyone else using Microsoft Office and working together will be as seamless as working in the office.

Microsoft Teams has a lot of amazing features that make it the perfect collaboration tool for teams. One of these features is the ease at that you can hold discussions with the team. A gallery of all participants’ video feeds makes meeting on Teams an easy experience.

Allow the Large Gallery View to see up to 49 people.

Microsoft Teams now has a new view called The Large Gallery View that supports the 7×7 grid layout. i.e. it allows you to view up to 49 people during a meeting.

However, it is worth noting that the Large Gallery View is not available by default, as is its predecessor, which was a 3 three-dimensional layout. Since having 49 streams of video simultaneously can be quite taxing on your system and internet, it appears to be the best option. Users can choose to enable it according to their preference.

The ability to view the gallery in a large format during a meeting is easy. If there are more than 10 participants in the meeting, this option will be accessible. If you don’t enable it you’ll be able to see the last active speakers on the 3×3 grid.

To turn on to view the gallery in a large format, simply click the icon ‘More Actions’ (three dots) on the toolbar for meetings and choose the option ‘Large Gallery From the menu.

The Large Gallery View has just begun rolling out and won’t be fully available in full until the end of August.

Are you unable to find an option to enable the “Large gallery” option? Read our tutorial on how to enable the Large Gallery view in Microsoft Teams.

Video stream with up to 9 people within the 3×3 grid

Microsoft supports by default the layout 3×3 which can display as many as 9 feeds of video at one time.

There isn’t anything to enable a three 3-by-3 grid (9 people view) within Microsoft Teams. If a meeting is attended by at least nine participants Teams will show the grid as 3×3 so that you can see all the participants in the meeting.

Microsoft hasn’t yet confirmed that 3 x 3 view will be being added to Teams mobile apps, too. We’ll need to wait and watch.

A few users have encountered issues in some users have encountered issues with Gallery View of feeds that makes the meetings unpalatable. However, there are simple solutions to solve this issue.

Switch to the Teams Desktop App

If you’ve used the Microsoft Teams web app, you’re probably the problem. The Teams web app might not display the gallery view of video-based meetings at times. If a meeting is attended by more than two people and more than two people, the video of the person who is currently speaking or the person who spoke last might be the only video available while the video for the remainder of the participants isn’t.

The other participants in the meeting are listed on the bottom of the screen, but without videos on the web application.

To ensure that the issue goes disappear you must install and download Microsoft Teams, the Desktop client to Microsoft Teams. The gallery view that can accommodate up to 9 people in three x three grid (new feature previously , only 4 people could be visible) is visible at one time within the desktop application to Microsoft Teams.

Can’t See all Participants Even on Teams Desktop App?

Are you using Microsoft Teams? Already using the Microsoft Teams desktop app but are you still experiencing the same issue? Only one video feed for one person appears on the screen, and the other feeds aren’t apparent, or are only visible on tiny screens on the bottom.

It’s possible that you’ve accidentally stuck someone’s feed onto the screen, and that’s the cause of this mess.

Remove the feed and Gallery View for the feed should return. Gallery View for the video feeds will be restored. To remove the feed, look in the lower left corner of the feed that is pinned. There will be a ‘Pin icon in the middle of your name. If you click on it, the pin will fall off and the display will go back to normal.

NOTE: If the problem persists, take your time. Many users are experiencing this issue because of the huge usage of the application during the COVID-19 times. To ease the burden for the application, the audio of the user who is currently speaking or the last person to speak is the only video available in the app.

If you are unable to see all participants in a conference in Microsoft Teams, then switching to the Desktop application to use Teams is the best option. It’s also very likely that you are experiencing this issue due to the high use of the app. If this is the case, then patience is the only option.