Can Host (Teachers) See Who’s Video You Pin on Zoom? Do They Even Know?

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Can Host (Teachers) See Who's Video You Pin on Zoom? Do They Even Know?

The quick answer is no, they do not.

Zoom is a huge aid to those who want to connect to everyone, whether it’s meetings for work or social meetings. It is possible to videoconference with a lot of people and choose the layout of your screen as you can.

Want to see all the participants at the event on screen? It’s not a problem! Zoom can fit them into small boxes for you, in the amount you need (and your computer can handle!) Do you only want to see the speaker that is active on screen at the same moment? You’re in luck, Zoom has your back. You can also place your video stream of a specific person to the screen, so that the video feed of the speaker will not take over.

However, a large number of users are confused regarding the process of pinning the video, and have avoided this feature due to the fact that they don’t know the answer. Let us look this feature in the hope of gently guiding you to this feature, as otherwise you’re not benefiting from this amazing feature.

Many people are wondering what the host or person who pins the video will be aware of it? To get the issue out of the way completely it is not the case that neither the host nor the person you pin will ever be aware of it. It’s not a reason to worry about it since pinning will only affect the local view of Zoom. It doesn’t even affect cloud recordings. It’s meant to be strictly for your eyes.

If you’re thinking “No it’s not right. I’m sure I pin this person a few days ago and they got an email and it mess the view of everyone else and also the cloud recording as well. !” > Well we have some news for you , buddy. You crossed your wires and instead of pinning them, you highlighted their video. Different things. If you remain within the pinning zone you’re completely secure.

How to Pin a Video on Zoom

Now that you’ve realized that there’s nothing to be concerned about when you’re pinning the video of someone else, let’s look at how you can do this “pinning” that we keep discussing.

Within the Zoom Desktop client if you’re in a conference with more than three people you can go into the thumbnail of the individual you want to pin, and then click the icon ‘More’ (three dots) in the upper left corner of the thumbnail video.

After that, choose “Pin video” from the menu that pops up.

NOTE: You can only pin someone if their video is playing. If their video is not on and the option to pin is not available, it clearly will not appear on the screen.

Learn the complete guide to learn all the details about pinting an individual participant: What is the best way to pin video to Zoom.

There you have it. You can fearlessly pin any video of any user in Zoom on your screen , and they will not be aware that you’ve pinned their video. The video you pin will be able to take over the screen of the person who is active and remain that way until you decide to remove them.