How to Unpair an Apple Watch

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How to Unpair an Apple Watch

Complete guide on how to remove the Apple Watch!

If you’re replacing your current Apple Watch with the newest model or giving it to another person, both situations require you to remove the watch to your iPhone to allow it to be used with a different phone.

It’s a good thing that unpairing a watch is as easy than pairing one, or more than that. It’s as simple as just a few taps. You can unpair the watch with your connected iPhone or directly on the Apple Watch if you don’t have access to the connected iPhone. To make it easier for you to use we’ll go over each of these options in depth in this article.

Note: Unpairing the Apple Watch will restore it to its original settings.

If you’re switching iPhones and would like to remove the watch from the previous iPhone and connect it to the latest iPhone it’s not necessary to do it. The watch can be connected directly to the new iPhone when you set it up. If you don’t have the option to ask whether you’d like to pair the watch with the latest iPhone and you want to do so, remove it from the pairing process using the steps that are listed below and pair it up with the latest iPhone.

Unpair an Apple Watch Using the Connected iPhone

Unpairing the linked Apple Watch can be easily done through using the Watch application on the iPhone. This is the best method since it creates an archive of your watch, and also removes your activation lock. If you are giving away your watch and want to remove the lock that activates it, this is essential, otherwise the next owner will not be able to access it.

Make sure to keep your watch as well as the iPhone close to each other and open the Watch application on your iPhone via the Home Screen or the app library.

Be sure to select the tab ‘My Watch’ at the lower left on the page. Then, click on the “All Watches button to continue. This will open an overlay window onto your screen.

Then, press the ‘i’ button on the watch you want to remove.

After that, click on the ‘Unpair Apple watch Then, tap on the ‘Unpair Apple Watch’ option. This will open an overlay pane onto your screen.

If you own an GPS and Cellular model You’ll be asked if you’d like to keep or cancel your plan. If you’d like to use your Watch again, select the option to retain your plan. If you’re giving it to someone else, you can tap to cancel the plan. The plan can be accessed on the new device if you’re purchasing one. If not then you’ll have to cancel the plan by contacting your carrier.

Then, click on the Unpair Apple Watch’ button once more to confirm.

If you are prompted, type in the Apple ID password to disable the activation lock, then tap “Unpair” in the top-right of. The iPhone will then create a fresh copy of the backup from the Apple Watch which you can use to restore your watch, but it could take a while. If you had to unpairing the watch of a family member and the backup was made on iCloud rather than your iPhone.

After the backup is complete the watch will be deleted and removed from the pair. This is it! You have successfully removed the Apple Watch.

Remove your Apple Watch from the Watch

If you aren’t able to access the connected iPhone or iPad, you can remove the watch out of the Apple Watch. But, this won’t make a backup, nor will it take away the activation lock on the watch.

Then, press the Home or Crown button of the Apple Watch to reach the home screen, if it isn’t already there.

Then, tap the icon ‘Settings’ to continue.

Then, click on the General option from the menu to continue.

Then, scroll down to the bottom of the page and then tap the “Reset” option to proceed.

Then, click on the ‘Delete all Content and Settings’ button.

It is possible that you will be asked for you to input your password. Enter the passcode in order to start the procedure.

If you’re using the GPS + Cellular model, it will ask you to keep or erase your plan. You can keep your plan if intend to use the watch but erase it if selling it or giving it away it. After that, press “Erase All” to confirm.

The Apple Watch will become removed from pairing and reset. If you intend to continue using the watch, your task is over. It is possible to pair it to your iPhone or a brand new iPhone and begin using it.

If you’re giving it away you’ll have to deactivate the lock on activation to ensure that the new owner can access it. Visit from your computer and sign in using the Apple ID and password.

Click the next option for “Account Settings’.

Click on the Apple Watch under ‘My Devices’.

Then, click on the “X” next to the watch to take it off.

Then you can click ‘Remove’ and confirm.

Here you go. Whatever your reason for not pairing the watch, you are aware of the most effective route to follow. If you own an iPhone then using it is definitely the best way to get there. If not, you can remove the pairing and then reset the Watch the Watch itself.